“That’s it, it finally happened”: Carla Moreau makes an important announcement about her love life

After being separated from Kevin Guedj for a few months, Carla Moreau spoke openly about her love life and made a big announcement on her social networks.

Second, it hasn’t been easy for Carla Moreau. Discovered in Les Marseillais (G9), the famous reality TV candidate lived with Kevin Guedj for several years. The couple welcomed baby Ruby in 2019 before getting married three years later. Unfortunately, the beautiful story quickly tarnished: Three months after they were together, Carla Moreau and Kévin Guedj announced their separation.

Beyond his love life, the impressive found himself involved in cases of witchcraft, extortion, and blackmail. In this not so obvious period, the young mother managed to announce the good news about her love life to her subscribers via Snapchat. Despite their separation, Carla Moreau and Kévin Guedj remained officially married. To the taste of the reality TV nominee, this is no longer the case. “I am very humble about the things that affect me a lot (…) but divorce was very important to me. Beyond what I could experience, divorce was something really close to my heart. The divorce took longer than I expected and I’m happy because that’s it, it finally happened and for me it really marks a stage in my life where I can start over as a woman, in my future life.“, started.

It’s really important. This marks the ultimate end of the relationship and it was really important. Even if we still have a child in common, I can start my new life differently by not being related.‘, adds Ruby’s mother, who can now focus on her future.


Source: Programme Television

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