"I was on the Seine in a car" : Laurent Bignolas candidly recalls his old suicidal desire at Chez Jordan (VIDEO)

Laurent Bignolas has already told Jordan de Luxe that he wants to end his life.

Laurent Bignolas is known to enthusiasts. telematine Since presenting the show in place of William Leymergie for several years from 2017 to 2021. He was later replaced by hosts Julia Vignali and Thomas Sotto, a phrase that hurt him so much. “I’m so hurt…In March 2021, he had entrusted his host to the Parisian.

Laurent Bignolas, now 61, appeared on the C8 show in Jordan this Monday, June 5th. When Jordan de Luxe was asked about a period in which he would want to end his life, the host wanted to answer honestly.

When I came to Paris I had the impression that I had missed many things, that I was responsible for the misfortunes of some, of my relatives, of others. I wasn’t feeling well in my sneakers, and I was in trouble with Paris, too. I didn’t know how to get out of it, I felt so alone and I remember either I turned left and I was on the Seine by car or I was driving home, I turned right and I had 100m to go.Jordan replied to Luxe candidly.

The death rubbed him closely with the death of his father, Claude Bignolas, Laurent Bignolas, a professor of fine arts and a friend of the former Maison de la Culture in Bourges.

When I asked him on the phone over the last few years, ‘what are you doing? can you draw some pictures?’ he told me ‘yes, yes ‘radiators,’ so he had stopped painting watercolors a long time ago, but he was a very good painter, a good teacher who deserved praise from the former students I met. right and left a few times and extraordinary men who loved him for his sense of humor and then loved him for having a somewhat Christian, democratic side. He loved to laugh, but was also very kind. I saw him again in his garden a few months ago, he put on his tie and said to take care of his garden with his jacket.he explained to Jordan de Luxe.


Source: Programme Television

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