Death of Tina Turner: Arte, TF1, RTL changes schedules to pay homage to her

Arte, TF1, RTL decided to change their schedule to commemorate singer Tina Turner.

He is a true music legend who passed away on Wednesday, May 24. One of his representatives announced in a press release that the American singer Tina Turner, who became a Swiss citizen, died at the age of 83. “Tina Turner […] He died peacefully at his home in Küsnacht, Switzerland, at the age of 83 after a long illness.Can we read it in the press release published by Sky News? “With him, the world is losing a music legend and an icon.“, also being written. The White House has a ” in its own name “symbol“and laments”a great loss“.

Since then, there has been a shower of respect on social media, starting with a post by United States President Joe Biden:The only woman to win the Grammy Awards in the pop, rock and RnB categories, a testament to her versatility, creativity and immense popularity“Barack Obama also wanted to write her a short message. She was a woman to him”raw, strong. He was unstoppable. And she herself was shameless – she spoke and spoke her truth in joy and pain; victory and tragedy“. Gloria Gaynor was keen to point it out”Tina Turner [avait] black or white paved the way for many women in rock“.

This woman left her mark on the history of music as well as the channel. art he decided to disrupt his schedule at the last minute to pay tribute to him. On Friday, May 26, the channel will dedicate the second part of the night to her as a documentary about Tina Turner will be aired. This is titled “Tina Turner, anger at life“, moderated by Schyda Vasseghi.

From her childhood to her participation in the latest musical comedy adapted from her career, punctuated by her hits and illuminated by the testimonies of her friends or collaborators (photographer Peter Lindbergh, producer Martyn Ware, biographer Dominik Wichmann . . . . . . .), this documentary has inspired many female artists, starting with Beyoncé. portrays an actor with a surprisingly humble and withdrawn personality.“, writes in Synopsis. Next will be a concert of the singer filmed in Rio on January 16, 1988. Tina Turner will perform her 12 hits there, including “.What should love do with it?” or “Let’s stay together“. Programs originally aired”rolling stones” And “The Rolling Stones: A Bigger Bang” It will be made available later for Channel 7 to know.

Arte won’t be the only channel disrupting its schedule, as it will feature Tina Turner on the front page. 50′ Inside The one who will dedicate a subject to the rock singer on Saturday, May 27.

RTL radio station and broadcast There To collect he will also pay homage to the deceased star this Friday. “We just learned that TinaTurner passed away at the age of 83. This Friday evening, we will shake up La Collection’s programs by releasing their favorite songs. Endless sadness, a Diva is leaving us. Great job Tina, we will miss you, rest in peace“, wrote host Georges Lang twitter Wednesday, May 24.


Source: Programme Television

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