"They don’t know football." : Karl Toko-Ekambi (again) reckoning with OL supporters

Karl Toko-Ekambi, who had previously made heated statements about OL fans, returned to the subject on May 25.

The story between Karl Toko-Ekambi and OL seems to be over. Indeed, the player on loan to Rennes once again made disparaging remarks about the supporters of the club he is currently under contract with: Olympique Lyonnais. in an interview he gave setOL has returned to his very harsh words towards his fans and at least we can say that he has not backed down. “It’s simple I play football my job is this month-end I have a salary I have to do the job It’s a show, the people in the stands paid their seats, if they have fun” spend money and then whistle at the players, that’s their problem”at the entrance, said in the comments reported by the site Olympic and Lyon. “They don’t know where I came from. I won’t cry for those who don’t know football”he continued. “Someone (fans) who have been trying to play football for 40 years, because most of the people who whistle at me are people in their forties, I don’t see how they can criticize someone who has been successful”then he lamented for the striker.

“If a drunken madman is speaking in the stands, what am I going to listen to honestly? I’m not interested. I got angry from the moment they insulted me.”, he assured. The actor is a fan of the fans who criticize him. “I don’t know football”. Just a few weeks ago, in your columns SoFootKarl Toko-Ekambi openly criticized his club and its fans. “I don’t care about the fans. I honestly don’t care. Strangely enough, the people who were targeted aren’t from Lyon. I won’t say the strong word that comes to mind, but it does….”He started it notably by implying that he was a victim of racism. “I don’t think I will play for Lyon again. I hope it doesn’t happen anyway”, concluded Karl Toko-Ekambi. It’s probably a wish shared by Lyon supporters and leaders.


Source: Programme Television

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