I am Greta (TMC) – When Greta Thunberg scolds world leaders…

On this day of the Nature Festival, TMC presents a new film that chronicles the journey of a spokesperson for a young man concerned for his planet. But how did it all start?

The blow of the school strike

In August 2018, 15-year-old Greta Thunberg started a school strike for climate in front of the Swedish Parliament in Stockholm. The media then takes an interest in this student protesting the inaction of his country’s leaders in the face of the climate crisis. Soon other young people joined him and his action spread all over the world.

Schwarzie’s helping hand

From the moment Greta Thunberg began to appear in the media, she received the support of Arnold Schwarzenegger, who shared her portrait taken by the BBC on social networks. He adds: “It makes me very happy to see someone take action (…) I prefer that to words.” Greta’s response:Trust me ! Sick and the view!”

The rent at COP 24

In December 2018, Greta was invited to participate in Cop 24 held in Katowice, Poland. His outspoken and direct intervention will have an unprecedented impact. “A 15-year-old Swedish activist has scolded world leaders for saying they have failed to tackle climate change. His words were devastating.”reported the media.

I’m Greta on Friday, May 26 at 9:25 PM TMC


Source: Programme Television

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