"She was very sick”: Afida Turner describes Tina Turner’s health before she died

Afida Turner spoke at length about her relationship and health status with Tina Turner.

Afida Turner spoke out after she reacted on Instagram to commemorate Tina Turner. Parisian On the death of his mother-in-law on Thursday, May 25, 2023.”My mother-in-law was very sick for two years. It held on like a few others but I didn’t think it would go away so quickly, just five months after son Ronnie… Now with sons Craig and Ronnie. (…) It is crazy to learn that he died when he landed in Nice, very close to Villefranche-sur-Mer, where he had lived for thirty years.“, trusted the singer.

transferee Etienne de Guesch Patti has announced that she has not seen Tina Turner since the funeral of Craig Turner, the son of the American rocker who committed suicide in July 2018.He was obviously devastated by his suicide, but he hadn’t shown anything to the public. She was a strong mother and wife. For two years, she took care of her health more than cooking with her husband, you guessed it.‘, says Afida Turner.

Without praising the legendary star, he recalls a unique mother-in-law: “He didn’t let himself go. He had a lot of energy, a lot of temperament, a lot of character. It was very simple, but she wasn’t a regular mother-in-law, she was rock’n’roll like me. Only he could accept me. She defended me like a mother-in-law and a rock star.“.

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