Extended families: life in XXL (TF1): Justine Cordule ‘drunk’ this summer at the price of vacations for her entire tribe

When you have an XXL family, you should expect to organize all the little neighborhood vacations without breaking the bank. This is exactly what Justine Cordule tried to do when she realized the obvious… You will have to pay a few thousand euros to leave this summer.

Justine Cordule thought she had done the right thing by preparing her summer break now, but considering the prices offered for nine people, it seems like it was too late. The mother of a large family was shocked by the thousands of euros she might have to spend and ranted on Instagram, where she was followed by many. Expenses have been high lately, especially due to the purchase of the family car, so Justine wanted to do everything possible this summer to get cheap out in the sun to recharge the batteries.

“There is almost nothing left…”

The Cordule couple realized they had been duped into buying their car… “We have been defrauded(…)! The price of the vehicle so far is at least 3 thousand Euros! I cannot repair it”When the mechanic met his guess, the mother of the family gave a secret. So the mother tried to cheer herself up by thinking of summer, beach and sun, not waiting to discover such high prices in order to escape for a few days. Yesterday, Monday, March 27, Timéo talked about his health issues, as well as the challenges of sometimes making ends meet when you’re a parent with seven kids. “I looked at the holidays this summer. It’s very, very complicated because we disagree about the area, the place to stay, the campsite… Nine of us! And there’s a lot of accommodation for eight. it’s a baby, we have to count it.”, he explained. In conclusion: “We are planning to leave for two weeks and we have 5,000 euros right away! And to be honest, it’s getting me really drunk. I don’t want to leave near our house because I need the sun and the heat! There’s almost nothing left…”.

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