What is it this time? Prince Harry says royal family hid phone records from him

It was learned last fall that Prince Harry had filed new lawsuits with the Associated Newspapers. “Individuals have learned convincing and deeply disturbing evidence from Associated Newspapers that they have been victims of heinous criminal activities and gross breaches of privacy,” Hamlins, a law firm that opposes Duke, said in a statement. Said. Now let’s talk about what we know.

Prince Harry. Photo: Getty Images

Prince Harry said he knew the royal family’s phone was tapped but remained silent. Reported by Sky News. According to him, they did not disclose this fact, as they did not want to get involved in a scandal.

Recall that preliminary hearings were held at the London High Court. In addition to Prince Harry, the plaintiffs are six others, including singer Elton John and actresses Liz Hurley and Sadie Frost. They claim to be victims of “numerous illegal activities” of the publishing house. The stars accuse the company of eavesdropping on phone calls and illegally collecting information.

Source: People Talk

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