Tall man (G9): How did Jean Dujardin shrink by 40 cm?

Tonight, W9 presents the comedy A Man High carried by Virginie Efira-Jean Dujardin. Second, he goes from 1:82 to 1:40 for his role…

Diane falls from the clouds when she meets Alexandre. But in vain, she tries not to show it, because the man who so seduced her on the phone… 1.40 m! The lawyer feels attractive despite their height difference. Especially since the witty and caring Alexandre has all the qualities. Will he be able to get past the gaze of others to give their story a chance?

Laurent Tirard (Lies and betrayals and more if you want…) returns to the emotional comedy of his first love. He also draws a funny, touching, cash comedy about the difficulty of loving when you are different. It’s not a romance, nor a discussion film, that includes nothing from Bluette marshmallows. It is very important to its subject, always with the art of stepping aside and its subtle sense of humor. And the help of digital to shrink your actor. Indeed, the star Artist He traded his 82 meters for 1m40 height on the screen. A technical feat thanks to the green background with which the images are embedded, but also other more primitive tools. For some shots, Jean Dujardin had to play on his knees or even raise the whole set 40 cm. The part where Jean appears.

A Man to Duty airs on W9 on Sunday, March 19 at 9:05 PM.


Source: Programme Television

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