Series Mania 2023: Salade Grecque’s brother is the hero of which famous actor?

Presented at the opening of the Series Mania 2023 festival, Cédric Klaspisch’s Salade Grecque series is portrayed by an actor whose brother and partner are prominent figures of the seventh art world.

Series Mania festival, held until Friday, March 24, opened on Friday evening with a red carpet and a concert dedicated to TV series, which brought together many stars (Agustin Galiana, Gil Alma, Arnaud Binard, Stéphane Freiss, Audrey Fleurot and even Emmanuelle Béart). credit. A welcome nod to the Don’t Skip exhibition, which will be watched at Tripostal, one of the not-to-miss events at the Lille festival, and sheds light on the behind-the-scenes of the creation of this credits.

To properly open this 2023 edition, which runs until Friday, February 24, the organizers have chosen to show one of the most anticipated French series of the coming months: Greek salad (Prime Video) will be released on April 14. The adventures of Xavier (Romain Duris) in three films (Spanish Inn, Russian Dolls And Chinese Puzzle), Cédric Klaspisch immerses himself in the life of this successful character and this time leaves him in the background. Indeed, Xavier’s children are Tom, who after a good education flew to Greece to sell a building inherited from his grandfather in Athens, and Mia, a rebellious teenage girl who left her education to help immigrants trying to find a better world in Greece. is following.

The French director and cast members bet on an actor to play Tom whose face will remind you of another actor who’s been around a lot in cinema. Xavier’s son is actually played by Aliocha Schneider, who is none other than the actor’s younger brother, while Virginie Efira’s friend Niels Schneider (i killed my mother And imaginary lovers By Xavier Dolan black diamond by Arthur Harari, Sibyl by Justine Triet).

Cinema is also a family affair with Schneiders. Their mother, Isabelle Guillot, is a theater teacher, and their father, Jean-Paul Schneider, is an actor and director. Since the other two sons of the couple decided to do this job, they infected all their children with comedy virus: Vassili Schneider and Vadim Schneider, who unfortunately died in a car accident in 2003 when he was an actor. 15/A.

heroes Greek saladAliocha Schneider also appeared in the Quebec series. Parent (sic) and Young Wolves. He also toured germinal like in the mini-series Everything is beautiful by Eric Rochant. On the cinema side, she has acted in several Canadian movies such as: The Last Leak by Lea Pool and whirlpool of life By Olivier Treiner.

Clara Kolodny

Source: Programme Television

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