‘We don’t catch flies with vinegar’: Karine Le Marchand takes on the cleavage and reveals the first images of her ADP fast flirt

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Love is in the meadow, we are starting another season. On Friday, March 18, 2023, Karine Le Marchand shared some footage of her new speed dating shoot with her Instagram subscribers. However, the owner, who was very elegant and very low-cut, still had some doubts about her outfit…

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Karine Le Marchand leads the show “Love is in the meadow” On the M6 ​​since 2010. The true support and confidant of farmers seeking love, Karine Le Marchand regularly spends time with her extended ADP family.

Its ease in connecting with farmers and its often mischievous outlines are the success of the program.

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On Friday, March 17, 2023, the host posted a few short videos of the filming of the next speed dating of season 18. The host also shared a video of the outfit she will wear for these new episodes on Instagram. Boasting a sculptural look in a black dress with puff sleeves, the host also features a plunging neckline that accentuates their figure.

It’s the perfect outfit, but that wasn’t enough to convince the host right away. Disturbed Karine Le Marchand then asks: “It’s okay, isn’t it very revealing?”. With the humor and frankness that characterizes him, he adds: “Doesn’t that make the poor girl who gave her all in her final years?“The man who filmed her reassures her by finding her outfit perfectly appropriate. Relieved, Karine Le Marchand begins to speculate and sway: “Oh, and then you know we didn’t catch flies with vinegar, huh!”

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This 18th season promises even more great moments. Last January, the channel aired portraits of 14 farmers aged between 26 and 62 looking for their soul mate.

Viewers had the opportunity to discover the stories of Clément, who never lived as a couple, of snail breeder Perrine who had to struggle with illness, of chicken dad Baptiste, of Anaïs who dreams of starting a family, and of tired Joris. always being “good friends”, lonely Patrice from Normandy, dreaming of saying “I love you” to a woman David, enthusiastic Stéphane at the head of the animal park, Jean-Paul making up for lost time, single Christine after 40 years of long relationship, soft-hearted toy Roméo the bear, the sensitive Olivier, Charles who wants to break out of his routine, and Julien, the show’s former contestant… now a breeder.

See you in a few months to discover the rest of the adventures of the new ADP farmers!

Melissa Tella

Source: Programme Television

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