"They accuse me of having a bourgeois head." : Pierre de Maere responds to his critics on Tik Tok

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Criticized for his performance in the Daily, artist Pierre de Maere wanted to criticize the haters.

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On Friday, January 27, singer Pierre de Maere was a guest on Yan Barthès’ program. Daily to promote her debut album Look at me, published the same day. The artist who made his name known thanks to his title One day I will marry an angelIt was nominated for musical victories in two categories: male exposure and best original song.

While exercising your title childPierre de Maere saw the social networks fire after his unanimously accepted performance.

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Do we agree that this is wrong and that no one understands what he is saying?“, “Foreigners couldn’t do better“, “I thought it was a parody at first but I didn’t understand“, “What is this stage outfit?“, “I wonder if this is the most mediocre performance ever achieved on the Daily.“…was it written on the bluebird social network?

The main interested party then turned to social networks to convey their feelings and respond to haters on Tik Tok.

After Quotidien, I got a little expensive in the nets… Everything has to be a first. I got my first wave of hate on Twitter. They accuse me of having a bourgeois head (I only have a head, unfortunately). I’m being criticized for my outfit (how hot?). Me, I think they’re jealous of my footwork. Actually, I don’t care. Thank you to my fans who defended me. this album is for you“, explained the singer.


Source: Programme Television

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