TV show: Life, love, right now, health in France: state of emergency?… what should we watch on TV tonight?

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The new series La vie, l’amour, tout de suite, Santé en France magazine: l’état d’urgence?, the TV movie Le Voyageur and the SWAT series… Here is the Télé 7 Jours selection on Tuesday, January 31, 2023 in written form.

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New Series life, love, now to be followed at 21:10 M6. Julie, 16, has cystic fibrosis. While the disease threatens to suffocate her lungs, the young girl does whatever she wants and swallows her life to the end. She falls in love with 17-year-old Ludo, she. So, a few weeks later, when Julie finds out she’s pregnant, the excited girl doesn’t hesitate for a second. She’s aware that she’ll have the baby, even if it means hiding her pregnancy until it’s no longer possible to end her pregnancy, though her doctor, Doctor Garriguès, and her parents, Cathy and Christian, will never accept her. his life is in danger.

France 2 put it in the magazine at 21:10 Health in France: a state of emergency? According to a large number of patients, caregivers, nurses and doctors, the French healthcare system is a field of ruin. What is it really? A 90-minute film followed by a discussion led by Léa Salamé and Michel Cymes sheds light on the situation and understands the urgency of the challenges to be overcome.

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at 21:10 France 3 we are watching tv movie Traveler. Laurent is challenged by Justine as he parks his car in the parking lot of a hotel in the Centre-Val de Loire. This young commercial attaché accuses him of harassing him on the road that afternoon. Laurent denies this attack, which sparks a fierce debate. The next morning Justine’s body is found in her room. Unsuspecting the traces of the assassination, the police arrest Laurent, who was recorded by the hotel’s security cameras as he was leaving the victim’s room at the time the crime was supposed to have been committed. Will Yann Kandinsky be able to prove his brother’s innocence?

We end this selection with the array. SWAT at 21:10 TF1. When workers at a Los Angeles hospital are targeted by a gunman, the SWAT team rushes to the scene to track down a grieving father whose son was denied a kidney transplant. When the father is no longer in his normal state, the elite police must intervene in concert to prevent a tragedy. Also, Hondo searches for evidence to prove his criminal theory behind the alarming increase in Los Angeles hideouts.

Sarah Ibri

Source: Programme Television

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