Moochie, who killed Jill Halliburton? (Canal +): The story of a true story exposing the flaws in the American judicial system

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Canal+ presents Moochie tonight: Who killed Jill Halliburton?
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On September 8, 2014, Broward, Florida police received an emergency call. Justin Su found his mother, Jill Su Halliburton, bound and fatally stabbed. The wealthy heir of an oil magnate was alone in his home. The police begin their investigation and first question Justin and Jill’s husband, Nan-Yao Su, a professor at the University of Florida. Later, DNA traces of Dayonte Resiles, a 20-year-old black boy nicknamed Moochie, are identified. This is known by the police for its history of theft…

In 2014, the heir of an oil magnate was found stabbed to death in 25 places. All eyes turn to Dayonte Resiles, nicknamed Moochie, a young African-American villa thief. Set for the event in Florida from 2018, director Samuel Collardey will follow the case full of surprises, meet families, lawyers on both sides, and investigators… and unravel the cogs of a crushing machine. those who weren’t born on the right…

Opinion of Télé 7 jours (777): From start to finish, this documentary series from Samuel Collardey takes and doesn’t let go as it offers deep reflection on these pre-written essays.

Moochie: Who Killed Jill Halliburton? : Wednesday, January 25th at 21:10 on Canal+

Amandine Scherer

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