Why do we dream about sex and death and do prophetic dreams really exist?

Why do we dream about sex and death and do prophetic dreams really exist?
Why do we dream about sex and death and do prophetic dreams really exist?

Imagine waking up in the morning and remembering that you found a lost earring in your dream or that you met an old friend you hadn’t seen for a hundred years. Then one day, these events actually happen! Prophetic dreams are a subject that causes a lot of controversy. Some believe in them unconditionally, while others see them as the fruit of a rich imagination. But even so, it is difficult to completely deny their existence, even from a psychological point of view.

Are there prophetic dreams? How to interpret mysterious night visions? Why do you dream about sex or death? Why do we fly in our dreams? Is it true that a dog dreams of friendship and love?

Astrologist and esotericist Adelina Panina answered these questions exclusively for The Fashion Vibes. She talked about the mystical and scientific nature of dreams and also explained why they should not be interpreted literally.

Adelina Panina, astrologer, tarot reader, esotericist

Are there prophetic dreams?

A scene from the Twin Peaks series
Sherilyn Fenn in Twin Peaks
A scene from the Twin Peaks series

Sleep is a mysterious world that we dive into every night. According to esotericists, dreams are a kind of communication channel with our subconscious, or even with our higher powers. In dreams, we can receive important clues and warnings. Dreams can be symbolic messages that help us understand our life situations or make important decisions.

From a scientific perspective, dreams are the result of our brain working in the REM phase of sleep, when the eyes move rapidly. At this time, brain activity increases significantly and we have the most vivid and unforgettable dreams. Scientific research shows that during REM sleep, the brain processes information from the day, solves problems, and even practices important skills. Therefore, what we see in our dreams can be a reflection of our thoughts, experiences, and even intuitive guesses.

How to interpret dreams correctly?

A still from the movie “Cloud Atlas”
A still from the movie “Cloud Atlas”

One of the most famous is Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalytic theory of dreams. Freud argued that dreams are the fulfillment of our hidden desires and the manifestation of repressed emotions. According to him, human consciousness consists of several levels, and a significant part of our thoughts and desires are at the unconscious level. According to Freud, dreams serve as a kind of “window” into this unconscious, allowing us to look at what is hidden from consciousness.

A still from the movie “The Zero Theorem”

Freud believed that dreams have two levels of content: manifest and latent. Manifest content is the images, events, and characters we see in dreams, that is, the ones we can remember and identify with. But this is only a “disguise” of real thoughts and feelings. Latent content is the real desires and experiences that underlie a dream and are usually unacceptable to our consciousness, so they are hidden behind symbols.

So dreams can be both clues to the world of esotericism and the result of the complex work of our brain. But it is important to remember: no matter what point of view you adhere to, dreams should not be taken literally. Interpret symbols and signs that can help you better understand yourself and your problems.

What are the most popular dream scenes?

A still from the movie “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus”
A still from the movie “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus”
A still from the movie “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus”

Now let’s talk about the most popular dreams and what they can mean. After all, each of us is interested in finding out what kind of secret messages are hidden in night visions.

Death. Seeing someone die in a dream does not mean that this person will really leave our world. On the contrary, it speaks of longevity and even some positive changes in this person’s life. Because death is initiation, rebirth in a new quality.

Dirty laundry. Washing dirty laundry in a dream can be a warning of possible illnesses or troubles. It is worth taking care of your health and perhaps taking preventive measures.

Dog. A dog biting you in a dream can be a symbol of loyalty and friendship. In real life, you can expect strengthening of relationships with friends or the emergence of a new and loyal friend.

A fallA dream in which you fall from a height often indicates feelings of insecurity or fear of failure. This is a clue that you need to believe more in yourself and your strengths.

FlightFlying in a dream can symbolize a sense of freedom and independence. This is a positive sign that shows that you can overcome obstacles and achieve your goals.

A still from the movie “Cloud Atlas”

ChaseIf you dream that someone is following you, it may mean that you are trying to avoid some problems or responsibilities in real life. It may be worth investigating what is bothering you and finding a way to resolve the situation.

Teeth falling out In a dream, it can symbolize the fear of losing something important, such as health, beauty or material values. This is a sign that you should pay attention to the aspects of life that worry you.

This It can have many meanings. Clear, calm water often symbolizes harmony and inner peace, while cloudy or stormy water can indicate emotional distress and anxiety.

Snakes are often associated with something negative, but they can also symbolize transformation and renewal. Depending on the context, this can be a warning of hidden danger or a sign of impending change.

Bear It promises increased social status and success in business, despite the intrigues of enemies. If an animal is being chased in a dream, in reality you will encounter a strong opponent, and whether you can defeat it depends on the outcome of the fight and other details. If the animal is white, your wishes will come true, if it is black, you need to take care of its health.

Fish represents pregnancy or a successful marriage.

A still from the movie “Jupiter Ascending”
A still from the movie “Jupiter Ascending”

Money. Finding money in a dream can mean that you will have good luck and financial well-being in real life. But if you lose money, it can be a warning about possible losses or expenses.

SexErotic dreams indicate the dreamer’s repressed desire or low energy.

Pregnancy dreams of prosperity and successful completion of affairs. It also speaks of the beginning of new projects and opportunities in life.

Recurring dreams They disturb many people, but in fact they are of the same nature as deja vu. It is just that the psyche still cannot cope with some traumatic event from the past. Moreover, the occurrence of the same dream in childhood, then in adolescence and already in adulthood can, of course, cause discomfort.

These interpretations will help you understand your dreams better and perhaps use them as clues when making important decisions in life. Remember that what matters is your personal perception and intuition.

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