7 signs that a person has reincarnated

7 signs that a person has reincarnated
7 signs that a person has reincarnated

How often do we think about what happens before birth and what happens after? Man is too unique to be limited to the incredibly complex processes that occur within him, just a short cycle of “birth – birth – death”. Religious institutions have different views; some do not question it, while others completely reject it.

Does reincarnation really exist? How can we understand that our soul has been to this world before? By what signs can it be determined that a person’s soul has been reborn in a new body?

Mila Venetsianskaya, an astrologer at the Astrology Life Laboratory school, answered these questions specifically for The Fashion Vibes. She explained what reincarnation is, and also told what signs can indicate that a person’s soul is living a new life in another body.

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What is reincarnation?

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The term “reincarnation” means to take on flesh and blood again, not for the first time. It is assumed that there is an immortal essence or part within each of us that manifests itself into the material world at the moment of birth. At the same time, the individual has a personality that develops and evolves throughout life. The immortal part does not compete with the personality: both components are the basis of the whole. Sensuality, emotionality and individuality are the result of the interaction of the spiritual and the personal.

What signs indicate reincarnation?

It’s easy to think and imagine that this isn’t the first time I’ve been born, but where’s the proof? Here are some signs that a soul is experiencing reincarnation.


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The ability to do something well that you have never learned. At some point, such a person is faced with the fact that they are excellent at something, but they have never consciously developed that skill before. For example, playing a musical instrument by ear for someone who has never gone to music school, or reading complex books in a language that is not their native language.


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Birthmarks and moles. It is not uncommon to see marks of complex shape on the body. They may have an incomprehensible design, but if you look from the side and look closer, you can already see the scar from a spear, a few points from shots, an ornament from a tattoo, etc. This is a nod from the past, which tries to remind us of itself in this way.


An irresistible attraction to countries or certain places. If, when you arrive in another country or city, it seems like you have always lived there, you should think about it. Most likely, in your past life there was no city closer or dearer to you than this one. Moreover, the place of birth seems cold and uncomfortable on the contrary.

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This feeling will arise in completely unexpected geographical locations. When you walk the streets of an Italian town, even if it is your first time walking this route, you know what will happen around the corner. The conclusion is simple: you have already lived in this place, there is an important and emotional story about it, but not in its current incarnation.


Passionate love for a historical figure or a particular historical period.

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It’s as if the man was born at the wrong time. Please remember that some people are hopelessly obsessed with a character, a period, or a glorious event that is long gone.

Moreover, they feel a silent sadness and sigh, thinking about how nice it would have been to live at that time. And they lived and were strongly attached to the people and events around them. They are sad that everything has passed and that it is impossible to turn back time: they have to live in the present. What did they leave there? It is unknown, but it is definitely something important and significant that pulls them back.


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With some people, after a short interaction, you feel as if you have known them all your life. Most likely, your paths have already crossed. And the relationship was positive and supportive. What is remembered now on an emotional level is this feeling of warmth and togetherness. The only thing is that in this incarnation we cannot always live with such people and we cannot always be in touch. Unfortunately, such meetings are aimed at “resting” the soul: to communicate, to support each other, to be on the same wavelength and to feel that you are not alone. Then you will have to turn to your surroundings again, to current events and unresolved problems.

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This is the principle of meeting karmic “acquaintances.” You can’t stay with them for life, but you can meet periodically to remind yourself that the connection extends to incarnations. For example, in the movie “Birth” (2004), Nicole Kidman’s heroine meets a strange boy before her wedding who claims to be the reincarnation of her dead first husband.


The presence of people in your life who play a key role in certain situations, but are around for a very short time. These are the so-called “karmic partners.”

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Another option is to have a person with whom it is difficult and sometimes unbearable to be together, but who is also impossible to part with forever. An irresistible longing brings you back to the relationship, although ending this emotionally difficult partnership seems like the only right decision.


There are different areas of human study, including astrology and numerology. They use the concept of past incarnations and suggest which personality traits were developed under which circumstances. You can also determine what profession or occupation a person had in the past. Here you no longer need to assume and guess, as the information is contained in the natal chart, numerical matrix or other tools used in this direction.

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Sometimes it is impossible to understand why events in life occur that you did not create. Recurring events or very strange encounters, deja vu or other situations that do not fit into current reality can be impossible to explain. But this is only possible if we limit our horizons to this incarnation. But when we assume that we have existed before, everything falls into place.

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