Drop anchor: What water activities are available in Moscow?

Drop anchor: What water activities are available in Moscow?
Drop anchor: What water activities are available in Moscow?

For the capital’s residents, summer is associated with cold weather, early breakfasts on the verandas and cool cocktails all day long. But certainly not with temperatures of 30 degrees and the complete absence of even the slightest breeze outside. It seems that nature had other plans for this July. So, dear residents and guests of the capital, we are enjoying what we have. Moreover, there are enough activities on the water in the capital to at least somehow relieve you from the heat.

We’ve rounded up five water activities to try in Moscow, from urban river cruises to self-driving boats.

Cruise 2 by Kuznyahouse

If you suddenly wanted to take a cruise around Moscow on a ship for a long time, then there is no better place than a cruise from Kuznyahouse. The project itself comes from St. Petersburg, but this year the guys also entered the waters of the capital. A total of five flights are made per day, the last of which starts at 23:30 and includes a cocktail party with sets by the best DJs. The Kuznya cruise includes a full gastronomic menu and an extensive bar menu. It is especially nice that on one of the flights there is a musical program performed by the legendary Chaliapin piano. The program of each cruise lasts two hours. The only exception was the night flight, which lasted two and a half hours.

“The Power of the Wind”

Perhaps every Muscovite who prefers active recreation has heard of the “Power of the Wind”. To put it very simply, it is training on sports yachts. The main word here is “training”, so you will have to not only enjoy the scenery, but also raise the mainsail and untie the mooring ropes. There are also offers for those who just want to sail on a sailing yacht. If you are a fan of training, be sure to go to the summer camps organized by the guys from the company. These races are held not only in Moscow and other Russian cities – Strogino and Berezki, but also to Norway, Turkey and even Mauritius.

Tenzor Sailing Club

Tenzor Sailing Club is a yacht club of the highest class of the international level. Unlike the “Power of the Wind”, it is more suitable for those who have decided to seriously learn to sail. Also, the club structure includes its own academy for adults and children, which trains future regatta champions. By the way, the bases of the club are located in prestigious marinas of Russia: Pestovo (Moscow region, Mytishchi), Rublevo-Arkhangelskoye (Moscow) and Sochi.


Cbrental is the most popular water activity of the season. It sounds so ingenious and simple that it’s a shame it hasn’t been invented before. The Cbrental team rents a retro-style boat, which you can ride on your own, without a captain or even a driver’s license. But not everything is so simple: before going on a boat trip in Serebryany Bor, you will still need to follow the instructions. And the instructor himself will supervise you from the shore throughout the journey and track you with geolocation.


It seems that in the summer months, everyone has a story about someone who is interested in wakesurfing. In the language of office people who have the weekend off, it means riding a wave created by a professional tugboat. At the Wakephoria club, they teach it from scratch; the instructors here will teach you the wavelength in just a few lessons. And the best part is that it costs relatively little money (compared to other clubs in Moscow).

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