5 big screen movies you can’t help but watch

5 big screen movies you can’t help but watch
5 big screen movies you can’t help but watch

We spend so much time on social networks that we now spend our entire lives there. This is not just a place to store messages and photos. This is where the real drama happens. What can happen during correspondence? This is exactly the storytelling method chosen by directors shooting in the big screen genre. We have selected the most interesting movies whose action takes place literally on a smartphone or computer screen.

“I will play”, direction. Anna Zaitseva (2024)

After the death of her sister, schoolgirl Dana finds a strange group of teenagers on her social networks. If they are not followed, they risk losing not only their families and friends, but also their own lives. But the girl has no intention of retreating. Dana enters a dangerous game of survival to reach the organizers of the death rows.

“Text”, direction. Klim Shipenko (2019)

Screenlife thriller about tough choices. In the story, Ilya Goryunov (Alexander Petrov) is released from prison, where he spent seven years on false charges. Now he is determined to take revenge on the criminal Major Peter (Ivan Yankovsky), who spiked him with illegal substances and ruined his life. Luckily, Ilya gets access to his smartphone, which allows him to correspond with his family and access photos and videos with his girlfriend Nina (Kristina Asmus). And now he becomes Petya for everyone via message on the smartphone.

“Profile”, direction. Timur Bekmambetov (2018)

The desktop thriller tells the story of British journalist Amy Whittaker, who begins a virtual affair with a terrorist for the sake of sensational material. He wants to know how they recruit young European women.

“Gone Girl”, dir. Will Merrick and Nick Johnson (2018)

The sequel to Aneesh Chaganti’s The Search, also shot using screen captures. 18-year-old June Reid’s (Storm Reid) mother Grace goes on vacation to Colombia with her stepfather Kevin. A week later, the girl goes to the airport to meet them, but it turns out they have disappeared without a trace. June travels to Colombia with the FBI and a freelancer to get to the bottom of the truth.

“Unfriending: Darknet”, dir. Stephen Susco (2018)

Matthias gets a new laptop and his joy knows no bounds: this way he can quickly work on a program that translates speech into sign language to communicate with his girlfriend Amaya. While joking around with friends in a group chat, a man accidentally discovers a video file on his hard drive featuring torture and access to the Darknet. Suddenly, the laptop’s previous owner contacts him, accusing him of stealing his property and then threatening to kill his girlfriend.

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