5 ways to protect your social networks from hacking

5 ways to protect your social networks from hacking
5 ways to protect your social networks from hacking

It has been proven that six out of ten passwords can be cracked in less than an hour. Hackers have long figured out how to bypass security systems. We care about your data, so we took this issue seriously and compiled a list of ways to help you reliably protect your “confidential information”.

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Forget about numbers and standard combinations

Experts say that using familiar combinations (qwerty) in a password reduces the time required to choose it. And according to them, the simplest passwords consist entirely of numbers. Create reliable combinations using special programs. Some sites have this feature built-in automatically.

Never save passwords in browsers

Apparently, a database containing passwords can be stolen by malware and sent to your server. You should also note that it uses autofill to enter passwords saved in the browser.

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Trust but check

You can check the resistance of your password to attack using special programs, which are many available on the Internet. There are paid and free options. The utility will notify you when it finds all weak and duplicate passwords. It’s better to make sure your data is safe and then sleep well.

Not enough security

Enable two-factor authentication. If someone tries to hack your account you will immediately receive an SMS or email on your phone. You can prevent information theft in real time.

A frame from the movie “The Fifth Estate”

I feel like a detective

Install a program that will allow you to monitor background accounts linked to phone numbers or email addresses for leaks.

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