What to expect in the second season of the TV series “Dragon House”?

What to expect in the second season of the TV series “Dragon House”?
What to expect in the second season of the TV series “Dragon House”?

On June 16, the second season of “House of the Dragon,” a “Game of Thrones” prequel about the civil war of the ruling Targaryen dynasty, begins. On the eve of the premiere, we will tell you what we will most likely see in the sequel.

new characters

A frame from the “House of the Dragon” series

It is known that the second season will consist of eight episodes, not ten as in the first. So, besides the main characters, we will also see new characters.

Blood (Sam C. Wilson) and Cheese (Mark Stobbart) are mercenaries hired by Prince Damon to avenge the death of his son in the season one finale.

Addam of Hull (Clinton Liberty) is a bastard of Hull and the grandson (but rumored son) of Corlys Velaryon, who will supposedly be one of the new dragon riders of the “blacks”.

Aline of Hull (Abubakar Salim), a teenager who is Addam’s younger sister in the book, is an experienced warrior in the series, a veteran of the war on the Steps.

Alys Rivers (Gail Rankin) is a healer (and, by some rumors, a witch) from Harrenhal who would become the mistress of Prince Aemond Targaryen.

Ulf the White (Tom Bennett) and Hugh the Hammer (Kieran Bew) are a pair of new dragon riders who must fight on the side of the “blacks”.

Gwaine Hightower (Freddie Fox) is the son of the Hand of the King and brother of Queen Alicent.

Creegan Stark (Tom Taylor) is the head of House Stark and Warden in the North. Stark, who initially sided with Rhaenyra, will send the Winter Wolves, a cavalry force of two thousand experienced warriors, to her aid. It will play a decisive role in clarifying the consequences of the civil war in the future.

We recommend that you remember the important moments of the first season before watching.

What was shown in the trailers

A frame from the “House of the Dragon” series

On March 21, HBO released three trailers: “black” and “green” versions, as well as a combined teaser.

In the first, Rhaenyra declares her intention to take the Iron Throne, but eventually admits that she fears she started the war. His eldest son, Jacaerys, travels North to gain the support of the Starks, and Prince Daemon captures Harrenhal. There he gathers the beys under his banners on the condition that “the houses of those who do not kneel will be burned”.

In the second trailer, Alicent tells her supporters that Viserys does not see Rhaenyra as the heir to the Seven Kingdoms and that the nobles will never accept her as queen. He reiterates that according to the late king’s will, the only legal heir is his son Aegon. At the same time, he reminds his cocky heir of the sacrifices he has made for her well-being. His father, Otto, the king’s right-hand man, does not doubt the victory of the “greens”, but warns his grandson that the path to power is through blood and cruelty. Inspired, Aegon exclaims, “Great, then let’s fight.” Later, Green troops led by Criston Kohl are shown laying siege to Rook’s Rest, the stronghold of one of Rhaenyra’s loyal subjects.

What will actually happen in the second season?

A frame from the “House of the Dragon” series

If in the first season viewers were introduced to the heroes, the cause of the conflict and the supporters of one of the sides, then in the second season a real internecine war with the participation of dragons will take place. According to insiders, Rhaenyra will have a hard time coming to terms with her son’s death and Prince Damon will take decisive action. He will capture Castle Harrenhal during the storm and set up camp in the Riverlands, where local lords will come to him. With the help of his mistress Misaria, he will send mercenaries to the Red Keep. Presumably Blood and Cheese will infiltrate the castle to kidnap one of Aegon’s children, but end up killing the child.

Meanwhile, Velaryon ships will blockade King’s Landing, where a food riot will break out during the deceased prince’s funeral, resulting in Alicent nearly dying.

The death of his son, rebellion, and initial defeats would force Aegon to depose his grandfather and appoint Criston Kohl as Hand and Lord Commander. He will carry out a successful operation to eliminate Rhaenyra’s supporters. The “Green” army will besiege Rook’s Port, or more precisely, Lord Stockton’s castle. Rhaenyra will send her aunt, Princess Rhaenys, riding the dragon Meleis to help her.

When Rhaenys flies towards the castle, it is revealed that the siege was staged to draw out one of the “black” dragons. Aegon and Aemond will ride their dragons and surround him. Rhaenys will die and Aegon will suffer burns and serious fractures, leaving him bedridden for a year. In his absence, the burden of rule will fall on Aemond’s shoulders.

After Rhaenys’ death, the “blacks” aim to strengthen their advantage in the air and will begin to recruit riders from among the Targaryens’ bastards. Recruits will need to pass a test to ride one of the wild or derelict dragons. After sixteen sacrifices, the horsemen would be joined by Ulf the White, Hugh the Hammer, Addam of Hull, and Nettle.

It is worth saying that George Martin, the author of the book, gave his blessing to the new series and was pleased with the second season. According to him, the dark plot has much in common with Shakespearean tragedies and therefore will bring the audience to tears.

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