Antelope or baobab: who are you according to the African zodiac sign?

It turns out that ancient African peoples were also keen on astrology, so they once developed their own system of signs that characterized personality traits.

We have already mentioned the zodiac signs of the Druids, Scandinavians, Aztecs, Tibetans and ancient Slavs.

It’s time to tell about the astrological system of the inhabitants of the African continent, which also correlates character traits with zodiac signs that differ from the Western and Eastern versions we know.

Especially for The Fashion Vibes, astrologer Galina Yanko told how to determine which zodiac sign you are according to the African zodiac by date of birth.

Galina Yanko, astrologer, clairvoyant

Baobab / Dad

(04.01 – 03.02)

A still from the movie “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever”

The wards of this sign fully correspond to the essence of a strong and powerful tree. These are strong-willed, ambitious, strong and determined individuals, and they almost always have a career. But Baobabs often forget about the balance between personal life and work.

Amber’s Wealth / Mother

(04.02 – 05.03)

According to the African horoscope, representatives of the Mother sign are distinguished by sober thinking and composure. Sometimes they still give in to emotions, and at such moments they can flare up and ignore common sense. Additionally, those patronized by the Wealth of Amber often turn out to be rebels who go against generally accepted rules.


(06.03 – 04.04)

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Under this symbol, reliable, loyal and devoted people are born who will never let you down. They fully correspond to their zodiac sign, therefore they are ideal family men. Such individuals are generous, noble and know how to love with all their heart.

Daily Love/Son

(05.04 – 04.05)

Individuals born during this period are incredibly sensitive and generous. They are wise beyond their years, have a flexible character and can adapt to changing circumstances. Sometimes representatives of the Son sign worry too much about other people and sacrifice their own interests for the sake of the happiness of others.

Sunday / Daughter

(05.05 – 04.06)

A still from the movie “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever”

Often this sign is controlled by emotions that push it to erroneous actions. Representatives of the girl symbol find it difficult to find balance and show composure. The positive quality of such natures is that they almost always become creative individuals (poets, writers, musicians) thanks to a more subtle perception of emotions than others.

Ancestor / Uncle

(05.06 – 04.07)

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Charismatic, intelligent and very smart – these are the people patronized by this symbol. At the same time, representatives of the Ancestral sign are distinguished by superficial judgments on important issues and do not always think about the feelings of others. Often their behavior causes resentment from others.

Judge / Witch

(05.07 – 04.08)

A still from the movie “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever”

This symbol distinguishes stubborn realists who never live by illusions or dreams. They move towards their goal by calculating each step and paying reasonable attention, and they often turn to the Judge for wise advice, because only he can give the correct answer to almost all questions.

Lion/Kola Nut

(05.08 – 03.09)

Bright and energetic Leos can fascinate anyone. They are characterized by energy, optimism and spontaneity. Leos are the main ringleaders of any party and are the first heartthrobs who can break the ice thanks to their natural charm.

Traveler / Antelope

(04.09 – 03.10)

A still from the movie “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever”

Antelopes do not like to waste time on trifles, demanding everything at once. Often this tactic leads to both positive and negative results. Unfortunately, such people in a hurry are not at all embarrassed by the fact that they can miss promising offers from under their nose because of the desire to embrace the vastness.


(04.10 – 03.11)

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Individuals born wise are extremely cautious and anxious people. They are kind and intelligent but sometimes suffer from a lack of confidence in their abilities. Meanwhile, the Sages almost always make the right decision because they know how to take their time and avoid fuss.

Child of the World / Aunt

(04.12 – 03.12)

A still from the movie “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever”

People with this sign are distinguished by a rare gift – the ability to enjoy what they have. They get real pleasure from life by noticing pleasant trifles around them. According to the African system, truly happy individuals are born during this period.


(04.12 – 03.01)

Representatives of the harvest zodiac sign are truly lucky in life. Any business is in their hands, and the result is always higher than expected. In addition, representatives of this symbol can easily grasp new information on the fly and master many useful abilities.

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