It has been announced which actors participated in the spin-off of the TV series “Voronins”

At the beginning of May, work began on the series “Kostya – Vera”, a spin-off of the popular sitcom Voronin. Ekaterina Volkova, Georgy Dronov and Stanislav Duzhnikov returned to their roles. Among the newcomers: Masha Voronina, her fiancé Nikolai Novoselov and Karina Orlova, who will appear in the form of mature Lyusya Voronina Vera Chernyavskaya.

Ekaterina Volkova and Georgy Dronov in the series “Kostya – Vera”. Photo: kino-teatr.ru

Today it became known that actors already familiar to the audience will join the cast: Yulia Kuvarzina, who played Vera’s best friend in “The Voronins”, and Anna Frolovtseva, Kostya’s mother. Let us recall that the father of the head of the family, Nikolai Petrovich, was played by Boris Klyuev. The artist died of cancer on September 1, 2020.

Yulia Kuvarzina and Georgy Dronov in the series “Kostya – Vera”. Photo: social networks

Previously, Ekaterina Volkova denied information that the first part of the continuation of the story will begin with the funeral scene of Nikolai Petrovich. He also had to explain the situation with the replacement of the actress in the role of Masha.

Boris Klyuev and Anna Frolovtseva in the series “Voronin”

In turn, Ilyukhina, who played the role of the Voronins’ eldest daughter for 10 years, created a real scandal on the Internet.

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