The weather is too hot: How not to catch a cold due to air conditioning and at the same time not argue with colleagues

I’m sure you’ve encountered a situation where some of your colleagues are too hot at work, while others are unbearably cold. And everyone pulls the blanket over themselves, demanding to open the window, then close it, then turn the air conditioner on and off. Usually there is no neutrality in a situation like this, and you’ve probably fallen into one camp or the other. What can I say, in our editorial office there are also serious struggles for windows and air conditioning. Everyone’s arguments are convincing: the blown person complains of a sore throat and pre-cold condition, and the hot person suffers from a lack of coolness and fresh air. What should I do? We found a solution.

Open the window, close the doors

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Sitting at work as if in a greenhouse and waiting for your brain to turn into an omelet from the heat is not the best option, so clean and even slightly cool air is a must (especially useful for hypertensive patients). Firstly, it makes you look younger (suddenly yes), and secondly, it improves brain activity by saturating cells with oxygen. Lack of air will make you sleepy from time to time. However, remember that those sitting close to the window are at risk of getting sick due to drafts, so be sure to close all doors.

change places

This option is suitable for those who do not work on a desktop computer. If you’re working on a laptop, we recommend moving to a meeting room that’s typically only used during meetings. Also, there are usually more comfortable chairs (or even a sofa). This will allow you not to attack your colleagues and catch a cold.

Moisturize your body and clothes

I am not kidding. It’s better than heatstroke. You can wet yourself with water from the sink. Another life hack: Make a compress and apply it to your pulse points (wrist, neck or temples). This will activate the hypothalamus, which is responsible for regulating body temperature.

Convince your boss to work from home

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According to the law, it is the employer who is responsible for compliance with SanPiN (i.e. Hygiene Rules and Norms), according to which the room temperature in the cold season should be between 22 and 24 degrees, and in the warm season – between 23 and 23 degrees. Up to 25 degrees. If these standards are not met, management may accommodate you and allow you to work from home. The truth is that if someone catches a cold at work due to air conditioning, the blame lies with the employer.

In order

An unexpected solution was found in our democratic editorial office. One day hot co-workers (the rest work from home) come to the office, the other day they are cold. Of course, it is difficult to observe this constantly. There is another option. Usually the frozen colleague sits next to the air conditioner and suffers the most, so it is worth meeting him. He should also bring a windbreaker with him. When you go out for lunch, others can ventilate the room and enjoy the coolness of the air conditioner.

Use alternative ways to stay warm or cool down

If you have a fever, eat something spicy. Please note that there are a lot of spicy foods in the cuisines of Mexico, India, China and Thailand. The fact is that soft drinks and water act instantly, but at the same time our body turns on a protective mechanism to compensate for the lack of heat. And when we eat spicy food, the body behaves completely differently: blood flow increases, the person sweats, and the skin cools. But it is better to avoid proteins and salty foods, as they retain water. However, fruit and lemon water will help you cool down in the heat. Caffeine also increases body temperature, so prepare herbal tea at work.

Use breathing exercises

Pranayama will also help reduce body temperature. Here is an effective breathing exercise: Open your mouth in the shape of the letter “O”, create a tube with your tongue, stick it out and breathe. Yes, we know that it is very funny from the outside. But it works, and you and your colleagues will have something to remember.

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