Where to go on the weekend to feel the atmosphere of the 19th century and break away from the crazy rhythm of the metropolis? Spoiler: The ideal location is 40 minutes by car from the capital

Agree, sometimes there is a mood to leave the noisy capital for at least a day, turn off the phone and just be happy. True, choosing the ideal place that meets all the stringent requirements of picky Muscovites is not so easy. First of all, the retreat should not be too far from the city. Secondly, there needs to be a SPA complex and a decent restaurant. Thirdly, the place should really surprise. And if the first two points are not so difficult to deal with, not everyone can satisfy the third.

What if we found a place where you would immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the 19th century and find yourself in an aristocratic French chalet with a Russian soul? Moreover, it is only 40 minutes away from the capital. Interested?

Then we invite you to get to know SENESHAL Luxury Boutique Hotel & SPA, which is recognized as the best boutique hotel in Russia in 2022 according to the National Hotel Award. And it is worth noting that all this is deserved.


So one of the main features of the hotel is its location. Seneshal is located on the shores of Lake Senezh in the Moscow region; This means the rooms offer stunning water views. On the other hand, the boutique hotel is surrounded by lush green trees, giving the feeling of unity with nature that is so missed in a noisy city.

By the way, the name of the hotel speaks not only of the lake but also of a legend. Catherine the Great’s St. They say that on the way from St. Petersburg to Moscow, he had to stop at Solnechnaya Mountain (now the city of Solnechnogorsk) because his horses did not have enough water. At that time, it was his beloved horse, Seneschal, who suffered the most. The Russian Empress examined the surrounding lands and issued a decree on the construction of a canal; Lake Senezh, named after Catherine the Great’s favorite horse, soon appeared.


Are you used to all hotel rooms being designed in the same style? Then Seneshal will definitely surprise you and make you look at photos of hotel suites for a long time. The hotel’s room capacity is quite small, but this is what gives the hotel a special charm and creates an atmosphere of friendliness and a certain exclusivity. The two French chalet-style complex houses 12 rooms with its own character and history.

By the way, about history. 18th-19th century in all bedrooms. The interiors of the centuries have been recreated. The hotel’s design team furnished the rooms with antique furniture, rare artwork and decor, and invited artists hand-painted the furniture, ceilings and building facades. So, if you have long dreamed of being in a place where aristocrats of past centuries could relax, urgently book a room. Which one? You need to choose according to your mood. Do you want romance? Then you will definitely like Basel or Flo. Do you dream of feeling as far away from the city as possible? Book Dago with confidence. By the way, the main feature of this room is a fireplace with an antique fireplace from the early 19th century.


The restaurant is another powerhouse of Seneshal, pampering with its own interpretation of Russian-French cuisine, an exquisite combination of refined tastes and simplicity of local products. The wine library with collectible beverages is a particular source of pride. There is also a panoramic hall with a dock and lake views in the area, ideal for events from anniversaries to weddings.


What is the most important thing on a day off for metropolitan residents? It is right that they should not be disturbed. This is another feature of Seneshal. The boutique hotel team has prepared a “Retreat – Solitude” package, which includes complete closure of the area to reboot and restore internal balance. I agree, doesn’t this sound like something we all miss? This program includes not only the SPA Villa visit, but also a catamaran cruise on the lake, aromatherapy session, cycling and beach holiday.

SPA complex

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