10 new movies and TV series you may have missed in 2024

We are telling you about new movies and TV series that you may have missed and that will interest you.

“I thought about you”

A frame from the movie “I Think of You”

Solen, a 40-year-old single mother, begins an unexpected love affair with 24-year-old Hayes, the lead singer of the planet’s biggest boy band, August Moon. The movie is based on the book of the same name, which is said to be fan fiction about Harry Styles.

“Skillful master”

A frame from the “Artful Dodger” series

The series is set in Australia in the 1850s and follows Jack Dawkins, known as the Artful Dodger. He was a pickpocket in London as a child and now works as a surgeon and tries to break into high society. But his dark past won’t let him even go there.


A frame from the “Griselda” series

The series follows the real life of Griselda Blanco, an ambitious Colombian businesswoman who created one of the most profitable cartels in history. She became widely known as the “Black Widow”.

“One day”

A frame from the “One Day” series

1988 Dexter and Emma have just met. They both know they will go their separate ways the day they graduate from college. But after spending just one day together, they can’t stop thinking about each other. Years pass and Dex and Em begin to live a life completely different from the one they once imagined. For 20 years, parts of their relationship have been shown on the same day, July 15 every year.


A frame from the TV series “Gentlemen”

When aristocrat Eddie inherits the family estate, he discovers it is home to a massive illegal drug production facility owned by legendary drug dealer Bobby Glass.

“Argyll: Super Spy”

Still from the movie “Argyle: Super Spy”

A reclusive author of spy novels about a secret agent and a global spy organization finds that the plot of his new book begins to mirror real events in real time.

“Maxton Hall”

A frame from the “Maxton Hall” series

The series, adapted from the novel “Rescue Me” by German author Mona Kasten, gained great popularity on TikTok a few days after its release. Smart scholarship student Ruby unwittingly witnesses the mystery of Maxton Hall. Arrogant millionaire heiress James is determined to silence her, but their confrontation ignites an unexpected spark between them.

“House by the roadside”

A still from the movie “Road House”

Former UFC fighter Dalton takes a job as a bouncer at a roadside restaurant in the Florida Keys, but discovers that this piece of paradise is not what it seems.

“Air Robbery”

A still from the movie “Air Robbery”

The story follows a master thief and his Interpol agent ex-girlfriend who team up to steal $500 million worth of gold bullion from an A380 passenger plane.

“Creator of Tears”

A frame from the movie “The Creator of Tears”

Sometimes our biggest fear is admitting that someone might actually love us for who we are. Nika and Rigel are ready to solve this together. The movie is based on the book of the same name, which became a TikTok hit.

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