How to easily get rid of wool and hair in an apartment if they are everywhere?

What could ruin your appetite by just a hair in your meal? Think about it: We lose approximately 50 – 100 strands of hair every day. Similarly, cats and dogs also renew their fur during the molting period. This is a natural process unless there are other disorders and pathologies. But sometimes there are so many that you get surprised. This is especially true for long hair. We tell you how to quickly and effectively remove pet hair and fur from your apartment.

Comb your hair in one place

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You’re probably running around the house with a comb in hand while getting ready for work. And of course, the last thing on your mind is the hair left on the floor and on the comb. To avoid combing each hair individually, try combing your hair in one place: in the bathroom or on the dressing table. Try to remove your hair immediately after combing it, so that it does not slide carelessly out of the comb.

Clean your hair after bath

After washing your hair, remove it immediately to prevent it from getting stuck in the sink or tub. Believe me, you cannot laugh when a blockage occurs at the most critical moment and the water rises.

Lift your hair up

Agree that this is simple. Why do you always walk around the house with your head uncovered? Gather it in an elastic band, braid it or make a bun. This way, you will at least control hair loss, but also prevent unruly strands from getting into your eyes.

Vacuum more often

Dust always accumulates in the house, and hair accumulates with it. Get into the habit of vacuuming more often or buy a robot vacuum cleaner. By the way, maybe tips can help you wipe dust less often.

Buy a roller to clean clothes

In most cases, our hair ends up on our clothes without us even realizing it. So, to clean clothes, arm yourself with a roller and run the sticky side over it. Then the hair will not accumulate on things and fall on the floor.

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