What types of lost items should never be picked up?

Everyone has dreamed of having a bag full of money suddenly fall on them. But in life treasures do not lie on the ground, so random finds ignite the greedy fire in our eyes. But things lost are not that simple. We tell you which items you should not pick up from the street and why.

coins and wallet

Peter Sarsgaard and Kate Hudson in “The Key to All Doors”

It is believed that the person who drops the coin is virtually deprived of all kinds of troubles. Even if he throws it into the fountain for luck. For this reason, you should not take anyone’s troubles with a coin. The same goes for wallets. Of course, it could have fallen by accident. But most often they are deliberately placed by scammers in order to drag a random passerby into criminal intrigues.


Do you really believe that someone would just leave the keys to an apartment (or car) with money? Doubtful, right? True, because the key is often used in black magic to “lock” some problems. By taking this item, you risk taking someone else’s misfortunes with you. Be careful!

pectoral cross

The pectoral cross, and in general all religious symbols, amulets and amulets, are very personal things. This is not a decoration, but an object with a certain power. The cross serves as an invisible shield to its owner, but in the wrong hands it brings misfortune.


Jewelry also stores the energy of its past owners. This is especially true for precious metals. You shouldn’t be happy about a ring or chain. The fact is that silver and gold are most often used in dark rituals.


The mirror is not only an object for narcissism, but also a mystical object that opens to the other world. It absorbs everything, both positive and negative. Therefore, esotericists advise not to accept the mirror as a gift, not to pick it up on the street and not to buy it as an antique. Otherwise, the previous owner’s bad energy may be reflected on you and cause diseases.

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