This Netflix series (which returns Thursday) has inspired many prospective parents for their children’s names

As the new season of “The Bridgerton Chronicles” arrives on Netflix this Thursday, May 16, British experts say the series has sparked a craze for the series’ first names among expectant parents.

This Thursday, May 16th, The Bridgerton Chronicles returns for a third season. In addition to romantic stories, the series from the successful producer Shonda Rhimes it also causes a mania around the names of the charactersas a leading company in the British nursery sector Kingdom of childrenanalyzed two years of government data to highlight a “ Bridgerton effect », reports the British newspaper Mirror.

A 51% increase in pure Daphné

In fact, the character of Daphne Basset born Bridgerton, has inspired more than one parent, as her name has seen a sharp rise between 2020 and 2021, with an impressive 51% increase in England and Wales.

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First name Eloise (fifth child in the Bridgerton family) may also have inspired a new craze among parents-to-be. This name of German origin, translated as “famous warrior”, would have increased by 27% in England and Wales. Finally, the name Colinwhose character in the series is the third Bridgerton child and is the main character of the upcoming third chapter, also recorded an increase in 26%, according to the data. It remains to be seen whether the same phenomenon has also been observed in France.

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