5 life hacks on how to wear transparent things in the city without looking vulgar

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Transparent products have been at the top of Olympus fashion for several seasons in a row. In this case, the trend originated on the catwalk; the design workshop seems to invite us to dress, especially when undressing. We saw translucent looks in the collections of Prada, Coperni, Erdem, 16Arlington, Acne Studios, Ann Demeulemeester and many more brands. The style teams of the fashion houses also took on the task of shaping very bold pieces with great pleasure. Thanks to them, the fashion community was convinced that transparent things can be quite universal and, most importantly, wearable.

Soon, wardrobe items made of organza, mesh and the finest silk began to appear in the wardrobes and (of course) social networks of fashion influencers, star it-girls and street style heroes. By the way, it was she who took on the difficult task of teaching everyone to wear transparent things in everyday life.

We decided to collect a few life hacks that will help you shape something difficult. Spoiler: You don’t need to go shopping for this; All the “ingredients” for a trendy look are already in your wardrobe.

Life hack #1: Wear a sheer skirt with jeans

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This look harmoniously combines several bright trends. First, a thin belt with a mesh floral accent. Second, a skirt over trousers (we wrote about this in fall 2022). And thirdly, the transparent element itself, which looks absolutely appropriate for the city in this stylization. By the way, loose jeans can easily be replaced with classic trousers or trendy capri trousers.

Life hack number 2. Style it with a long coat or sweater

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If you do not want to combine a skirt with jeans or trousers, you can use this tip. For this you will need a long jacket or just an oversized jacket. Thanks to a strict wardrobe item as a top layer, the whole look will not come across as vulgar and provocative. The important thing is that the jacket is the right length. By the way, fashion bloggers also recommend paying attention to the combination of a transparent skirt with a cozy cashmere sweater or cardigan. The mood of the outfit will read completely differently.

Life hack number 3. Tuck your shirt into a sheer skirt

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The perfect look for a hot summer day. To reiterate, you’ll need an oversized shirt (which can be rented from a man’s wardrobe), a sheer skirt, and trendy shoes and accessories. If you tuck the shirt into the skirt, the degree of provocation will be greatly reduced, as it will look like a mini dress. But the image will still remain moderately sexy. Those who do not want to tuck in their shirt can leave it open and emphasize their waist with a thin belt.

Life hack number 4. Add another skirt

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A single skirt is no longer enough for an urban look; Two skirts fit perfectly. To balance the look, street style heroes suggest adding an opaque mini over a sheer maxi. It turns out that such a simple life hack allows you to wear not only transparent, but also short clothes in the city. By the way, we have separate material on this topic.

Life hack number 5. Wear a transparent background over your t-shirt

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We’ve sorted the bottom part, now let’s move on to the top part of the image. If your collection includes transparent tops, long sleeves or blouses, but you do not want to combine them with a lace bra, you can rely on bandeau tops or halter tops. This style option will look unique, but at the same time suitable for any occasion.

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