7 things rich people never have in their homes

“Space is a luxury. Therefore, it is better to have few items in the house, but they should all be great,” said architect Massimo Castagna. His is the principle followed by aristocrats and owners of financial empires. We are talking about things that are definitely not in the homes of rich people.


A frame from the movie “The Great Gatsby”

State media and private media empires shape public opinion to their benefit. Rich people move in circles where they are the first to receive unbiased information from primary sources and therefore have no need for television. They can access the author’s channels and documentaries via the internet with just two clicks.

exercise equipment

Oddly enough, businessmen and aristocrats do not keep exercise equipment at home. Instead, they exercise at the gym with the people around them. He also has private hobbies such as golf, tennis, rallying, rafting and horseback riding, which are public activities. That is, they fulfill the physical activity norm outside their homes. By the way, we have previously written about what hobbies rich people choose.

stuffed toys

Do you want to be a billionaire’s wife? Then forget about soft toys, at least outside the children’s room. It is unlikely that your chosen one will tolerate a pile of teddy bears in bed. Unfortunately, their existence is considered bad.

Reproductions of famous paintings

Why do they need reproductions when they can buy the original? For rich people, purchasing a painting is associated with obtaining a long-term investment rather than with eye-pleasing and aesthetic needs. That’s why they buy works of art at auctions with great passion, knowing that their prices will increase over time and increase their capital.


Blinds are good for an office, but not for a luxury home. The same can be said about hanging cornices, which reduces the cost of the interior. Instead, wealthy owners of rural estates prefer curtains made of expensive fabrics with hand-embroidered embroidery, made to order specifically for each room.

Interior products of famous brands

Billionaires are often bright individualists, so they prefer not to buy all interior items from well-known manufacturers, but to have them made to order from designers and decorators. You won’t find fancy things with labels in their homes. They do not follow fashion trends, they choose everything only for themselves.

Old textile and leather furniture

There are no “tea fathers”, patchwork blankets or perforated napkins that your grandmother sewed. All of these add comfort, of course, but you won’t see them in the homes of rich people. Despite their love for antiquity, they do not keep washed and worn out fabrics at home. The same goes for cheap furniture. Despite the efforts of eco-activists, billionaires prefer leather furniture over leather.

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