7 movies and TV series about food worth watching

Watching movies and TV series about food does not mean cooking. Therefore, instead of standing at the stove, you can always watch how someone else does it. For example, Jeremy Allen White in the TV series “Bear”, but we will get back to him later.

Movies about chefs and restaurants in general suddenly became a trend. The culprit appears to be Korean “Mokpan” video content, where people eat in front of the camera on one side of the screen and look at it on the other. You must admit that when watching such scenes, you always get the feeling that you are completely in the frame. Well, food lovers who also love cinema cannot help but be happy about this.

We decided to bring together seven great new movies and series about food, chefs and restaurants that will not leave you indifferent, but will also replace your meal.

“Recipe of Love”, 2023

A frame from the movie “Recipe of Love”

Gastronomic melodrama never ceases to fascinate viewers. The film is set in France in the second half of the 17th century; A chef and a gourmet fall in love and drown in the world of gastronomy. The delightful romance bears fruit: the couple creates dishes so unique that they surprise even the most famous culinary professionals.

“Delicate Flavor”, 2023

Andrey Shmakov, still from the movie “Delicate Taste”

A documentary series about the life paths and culinary profession of the capital’s best chefs. Evgeny Vikentyev (Beluga), Anatoly Kazakov (Selfie), Georgy Troyan (Northerners) and Andrey Shmakov (Savva) talk about their careers. What was it like: From the first internship to becoming a chef at a prestigious restaurant in Moscow. How can you maintain what you’ve achieved in a city where cooking and service standards are extraordinary? The series consists of four episodes, each dedicated to a character and his unique perspective on life, talent and gastronomy.

“Bear”, 2022-…

A frame from the TV series “Bear”

Comedy-drama television series about the sharp change in fortune of Carmen Berzatto, a young chef who works in the best restaurants in the world, but is faced with the need to return to her hometown Chicago and take over the management of the restaurant. family sandwich shop. Along with the establishment, the hero inherited debts, quarreling staff and many other problems.

“Menu”, 2022

A frame from the movie “Menu”

The exact genre of the film is unclear, but critics classify “Menu” as a horror comedy. The main character, a real gourmet, invites the girl to visit a special island, where the star chef of the restaurant surprises everyone with culinary delights. But not everything is that simple; Instead of the promised meal, a scary and dangerous game suddenly begins.

“The Taste of Life”, 2021

A frame from the movie “The Taste of Life”

What is the price of success? The director of the TV series “The Taste of Life”, which centers on an ideal married couple, answers this question for the audience. They have everything except the coveted Michelin star. The most prestigious award in the restaurant business becomes the main goal of Chef Karsten and his wife. However, in this crazy race, they gradually destroy their marriage and eventually lose their former beauty.

“Boiling Point”, 2021

A still from the movie Boiling Point

Andy Jones is a chef at a well-known restaurant in London. One day, the hero’s strength is tested: an inspection, a visit from a restaurant critic, a bad mood and an ugly team effort. It turns out that everything he has worked for for so long is in danger. Can Andy cope with a host of professional challenges?

“Makanai: cooking maiko at home”, 2023

A frame from the movie “Makanai: Cooking Maiko at Home”

The miniseries focuses on the story of two friends, Kiya and Sumire, who move to Kyoto to become true maiko-geisha apprentices. Being a student is very prestigious, but not every girl will be able to earn this title. Unlike Sumire, Kiyo fails the selection process and becomes a makanai, a person who prepares food for the maiko.

Text: Maria Braverman

Source: People Talk

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