Life outside the Moscow Ring Road: the best country restaurants that are also trendy

It is generally accepted that May holidays are the ideal time to go out of town. And even if you don’t have a summer house (or friends who have a summer house), this is no reason to cut ties and stay in the city for all the holidays. Moreover, leisure outside the Moscow Ring Road is no worse than in the Third Transport Ring. That’s why we have ideas on how to spend time out of town and you have a promise to get there.

Anyone who considers themselves a foodie should pay attention to restaurants outside the city. Believe me, it has many more advantages than you think. First of all, it is worth looking for beautiful verandas there. People walking on the streets outside the city will definitely not bump into your table like they do in the Patriarchate. Secondly, on weekday evenings you can almost always sit there without prior reservation. Isn’t this happiness for a Muscovite?

We are talking about five countryside restaurants you can go to during and after the May holidays.

eno bistro

Folk Team’s restaurant in Skolkovo is only a year old. During this time, it managed to become the most fashionable gastronomic point in the Moscow region, managed to move half of secular Moscow out of Sadovoye and even close in for minor cosmetic renovations. Therefore, it now makes sense to return to Eno bistro to be one of the first to appreciate the updated veranda in the garden and the fresh interior of the second floor in early June. He couldn’t pass up an updated menu now that the project had gotten its second wind. This season’s concept: “Collecting.” Hunting. Farming”. So it seems like it can’t be done without local products. We don’t know about you, but we have already made a table reservation for the May holiday.

Address: Novaya street, 100, building 5


Without leaving Skolkovo, you can check out The Rink family park. In winter, Muscovites come here for the famous ice rink, but in summer they come here to play badminton or tennis, do yoga or just relax in the open air. On the territory of the park there is a cafe of the same name, which offers a wide range of keto dishes in the menu. But if you prefer to eat meat over a fire in the fresh air or eat hamburgers and pizza, that is also served here.

Address: Skolkovo, Novaya street, 100


Peredelkino House of Creativity features a restaurant with bookshelves, a fireplace and a large summer terrace overlooking the forest. The menu includes dishes of 18th century Russian cuisine. So here you can easily find veal tongue with duck and smoked farm sour cream borscht, barley porridge with mushrooms and parsnip puree. The library also hosts traditional tea parties. But for coffee lovers, the bar’s menu includes a wide selection of bean-based drinks from Moscow Rocket Coffee roasters.

Address: DSK Michurinets», Vnukovskoe settlement, st. Pogodina, 4


Arkady Novikov’s country restaurant is located near the village of Ilyinskoye. Guests here are surprised by dishes from several cuisines at once: Russian, Eastern, Caucasian, European and even Japanese. You can try wraps, shish kebabs and khachapuri for dinner. The restaurant also has a beach and bungalows for those who want to relax with a large group.

Address: Moscow region, Ilyinskoye village, 9, building 5

“Chinese letter”

The Chinese cuisine of restaurant owner Alexander Rappoport was so loved by the capital’s residents that a few years ago it was decided to open a second “Chinese Letter” restaurant outside the Moscow Ring Road. This is exactly how one of Barvikha’s luxury resorts appeared. However, this place is still very popular today – it has two floors for a hundred seats, a veranda and an empire interior.

Address: Odintsovo district, Barvikha village, 114, building 2. Barvikha Luxury village shopping center district»

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