Caesar salad is back in fashion: where can you find the most delicious one in Moscow?

Moscow chefs took this back to 2007, when the Caesar salad was still on every restaurant menu. This is not surprising after all; The dish is universal, just like pasta Carbonara. Therefore, such a scheme was quite common.

However, later restaurateurs began to “educate” their audiences and indoctrinate them with new tastes. Caesars have been replaced by fancy bowls, and the once-favorite salad has become extremely rare to find in trendy restaurants. And it was that way until this year.

There has now been a big return to Caesar salad in Moscow projects. We will tell you which restaurants offer the most delicious dishes.

Il Matto

At the Italian restaurant Il Matto, Caesar is served in its most classic form. The important detail is that it doesn’t make it worse. It consists of grilled chicken and lettuce with an egg yolk and fondue sauce based sauce. By the way, an interesting fact – the name of the dish is not the name of the famous emperor, but the name of the Italian restaurateur Caesar Cardini, who created the recipe for the famous salad. Now you know where it comes from and where the best place to look for it is.

How much does it cost: 1400 rubles.
Address: st. Bolshaya Dmitrovka, 9, p. one


“Caesar”, or rather Caesaridze from Megobari, is proof that even the most ordinary things can be approached with creativity (the editor wrote and cried). In a Georgian restaurant, the legendary salad is served with chicken kebab. So this version includes lettuce, two types of marjoram, and sun-dried tomatoes. And according to the best traditions, it is served with skewers and pita bread.

How much does it cost: 690 rubles.
Addresses: Maroseyka, 15 // st. Sretenka, 27, p. one

Hands neo-bistro

We in the editorial office are jealous of everyone who works near Plyushchikha, where the Hands neo-bistro is located. If the editorial office were there, our lunch would consist only of their “Caesars”, because you eat and in your head there is only “my body is a temple.” The brand chef of the project, Vyacheslav Kazakov, presented his own version of the famous salad – here with farm chicken and aged parmesan dressing. Lettuce leaves are flavored with Parmesan sauce and fried drumsticks and chicken breast are placed on top. And sprinkle Parmesan on everything when serving.

How much does it cost: 740 rubles.
Address: st. Pogodinskaya, 2/3


We are used to the fact that Caesar can be with chicken or shrimp. However, multi-format noodle store Nudles has come up with a new option that will surely surprise you. The concept of the project is that the cuisine consists of dishes from five Asian countries. We had no idea there was a Caesar counterpart in Thailand. Here he combines three different types of lettuce: romaine, bok choy, and radicchio, as well as chicken breast and wonton chips.

How much does it cost: 510 rubles.
Address: Stoleshnikov street, 8


Caesar in Svoboda-2 bars is prepared with chicken strips marinated in three types of red pepper, honey and soy sauce. Moreover, their taste is so bright that they “fall apart” in the first place. But the vinaigrette deserves special attention – it is served with the classic sauce, which includes anchovies, capers, mustard and horseradish. And don’t say you don’t want it.

How much does it cost: 640 rubles.
Address: Rozhdestvenka, 6/9/20, p. one

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