The 10 best restaurants worth visiting in Russia

It is difficult to choose the 10 best restaurants in all of Russia. Still, the number of projects is increasing every month, but not every one of them is included in the authoritative All-Russian restaurant award WHERE TO EAT.

On April 16, a solemn ceremony was held to present the awards for 2024 to the best restaurants in Russia. True, it was not possible to put an end to this rivalry. For the first time in the history of WHERE TO EAT, first place was won, one from Moscow and the other from St. It was shared between two projects, one from St. Petersburg. But there are full spoilers below.

We are talking about the top 10 restaurants in Russia, which according to the award everyone should visit.

10th place – Maya, Moscow

Maya is a restaurant inspired by primitive culture, so do not be surprised by the presence of ethnographic objects in the interior. Under the leadership of Australian chef Thomas Halpin, dishes are prepared over fire using ancient techniques and traditions. For example, suckling lamb is cooked for eight hours on a metal crucifix and served with chimichurri sauce, and the first phalanx of the crab is smoked over rosemary sprigs.

Address: Moscow, Bolshaya Nikitskaya, 24/1, p. 6

9th place – 0.75 Please Wine and Kitchen, Krasnoyarsk

Krasnoyarsk is the most underrated destination for tourists. We wrote all the reasons to go there here. But after the WHERE TO EAT award, another one emerged: 0.75 Please Wine & Kitchen restaurant, whose kitchen is headed by chef Alexander Kucherov. Its main feature is northern cuisine prepared with local Siberian products. But if you are not planning a trip to Krasnoyarsk yet, come to the Moscow branch of the Patriarshikh restaurant, which opened in the winter of this year.

Address: Krasnoyarsk, Prospekt Mira, 86

8th place – Sage, Moscow

Sage is the favorite place of all girls in Moscow, because the interior here is the key to ideal content for the banned social network. Although the menu with original cuisine deserves special attention. After all, Sage says this restaurant is in St. It is the first joint project of Vladimir Perelman and Dmitry Blinov, with whom he made his debut in the capital after St. Petersburg.

Address: Moscow, 1. Tverskaya-Yamskaya, 21

7th place – Tunguska, Krasnoyarsk

Another important project for Krasnoyarsk is Tunguska. Here chef Nikolai Bobrov prepares modern Siberian cuisine based on the identity of the indigenous peoples of the North. The interior reflecting Siberian nature is a special pleasure. If you are ready for gastronomic experiments, be sure to order a tasting set from the chef “Rituals”, which takes six months to complete. As you might guess from the title, it is dedicated to the rituals and rites of the peoples living in Yenisei Siberia – here it is about the traditions of paganism, shamanism and Orthodox culture.

Address: Krasnoyarsk, st. Vesny, 30

6th place – Frantsuza Bistrot, St. petersburg

Like every city, St. St. Petersburg also has places that must be visited. Frantsuza Bistrot is one of them. As the name suggests, the menu includes modern French cuisine under the direction of Ivan Frolukhin. The compact menu features timeless classics (paté croute, ratatouille, boeuf bourguignon, foie gras terrine with figs, quiche Laurent, onion soup) side by side with original variations on the theme of modern French cuisine.

Address: St. Petersburg, em. Admiral Lazarev, 22

5th place – Loona, Moscow

The already legendary trio of Pinsky, Istomin and Losev never ceases to conquer gastronomic peaks. Loona is known and loved by many for the city’s most photogenic desserts and famous wood-fired pizzas. By the way, they are prepared not only with regular dough, but also with keto dough made from cauliflower and almonds. Homemade pasta is made behind a glass display case, and fish and seafood are grilled and steamed. Although the project was opened almost two years ago, it is still not possible to book a table here on the same day. Isn’t this a sign of success?

Address: Moscow, Tverskoy Boulevard, 24, p. one

4th place – Olluco, Moscow

Peruvian Olluco is one of the most mysterious restaurants in the city. And all this for some reason it is not customary to talk about this cuisine in Moscow. The project has been in existence since 2021 and was opened by Virgilio Martinez, the chef of Central, the best restaurant in the world according to The World’s 50 Best Restaurants. Nicanor Veira, Chef Virgilio’s right-hand man and one of the restaurant industry’s most eligible bachelors, is in charge of Olluco’s kitchen. Girls, we deliver all the looks and codes.

Address: Moscow, per. Giant, 19

3rd place – Birch, St. petersburg

For many years Birch, St. It was the most popular restaurant in St. Petersburg. To get there you had to book a month in advance. Moreover, you could only order a set from the chef inside the restaurant. If you reserve a place on the terrace, you can order from the a la carte menu. And St. Although he lost the priority of the project to others in St. Petersburg (spoiler: one of the winners of WHERE TO EAT), this did not prevent him from entering the top three Russian restaurants.

Address: St. St. Petersburg, Kirochnaya street, 3

2nd place – Ava, Moscow

Ava is another joint project of Pinsky, Istomin and Losev. The first spot opened in Moscow in the Patriarchate district and was so successful that it recently opened a branch called Ava Bistro on Tsvetnoy Boulevard. The menu features comfort food and original versions of everyone’s favorite dishes. By the way, there is no shortage of original desserts here either. And at the award ceremony, Vitaly Istomin for the first time publicly announced the name of the pastry chef who made his photogenic desserts. Her name is Zhamal Zholdoshova and she’s a very humble person, but we’re sure all the interviews are yet to come.

Address: Moscow st. Malaya Bronnaya, 21/13, p. 2

1st place – Bourgeois Bohemians, St. petersburg

“Moscow or St. “Petersburg?” Even the organizers of the WHERE TO EAT award could not answer the question. So meet the two winners: Bourgeois Bohemians and Savva!

After the Berezutsky brothers left Russia, the Grebenshchikov brothers remained in the field of domestic gastronomy. St. You can try their cuisine at Bourgeois Bohemians restaurant in St. Petersburg; by the way, it has been the best among all restaurant awards for several years. Artem is a chef and Alexey is a pastry chef. So when you come to BoBo (as all guests fondly call it), you have to leave room for dessert.

Address: St. St. Petersburg, Vilensky lane, 15

Savva, Moscow

The best restaurant in the capital this year was Savva, headed by chef Andrei Shmakov. Over the years of its operation, the restaurant has received a maximum of four covers from the international guide Gault&Millau, a Michelin star, topped the French La List three times and fallen in love with thousands of guests. If you haven’t been here yet, feel free to book a table for the weekend. If you are, come again. Moreover, the boss never ceases to surprise. True, Shmakov himself said directly from the stage during the presentation of the award that next year he is ready to cede the podium to new restaurants that are not yet among the top ten. I agree, it sounds as motivational as can be for anyone who dreams of being in his shoes.

Address: Moscow, Teatralny proezd, 2

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