5 makeup secrets used by famous makeup artists

Luckily, many makeup artists who are regularly responsible for the red carpet looks of Hollywood’s top stars often share their beauty tips. For example, how to make lip makeup more durable or how to break all the rules and achieve the perfect contour. Below we have put together the coolest beauty tips that will be useful to you.

First dry, then creamy

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We’re talking about redness. Patrick Ta, makeup artist for the Hadid sisters, Emily Ratajkowski and other Hollywood stars, suggests applying them in reverse order: dry first, then creamy. This will create a soft shine on the skin, as if it is coming from within, instead of dullness. In the age of glazed donut skin, you can’t help but try this technique for yourself.

reverse styling

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Makeup artist Mary Phillips, who does make-up for Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner, loves sharing life hacks with both her clients and followers. So, Hailey Bieber took note of the reverse styling technique and now uses it herself. Its main feature is that the sculptor is applied before the foundation. Apply the contour stick under your cheekbones, forehead, jawline and brow bones by blending it with a brush or sponge. Then apply highlighter to the convex areas of the face, then apply concealer to the under-eyes and redness. And only now move towards the foundation. And don’t forget the blush – you need to apply it last. This technique is good because it gives a natural look to your makeup and creates the impression that you have naturally cheekbones.

Lip augmentation without fillers

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Makeup artist Emily Cheng, often responsible for Billie Eilish and Jung Ho-yeon’s red carpet looks, shares a life hack on how to visually enlarge your lips. “I love how my lips look velvety and slightly blurry. “After applying the lipstick, use a dense eyeshadow brush to gently sweep the color along your lip line,” she says. This will make your lips look visually fuller.

forever red lipstick

Taylor Swift. Photo: Getty Images

Taylor Swift learned how to do her signature lip makeup thanks to makeup artists who did her makeup on set and before social events. In an interview with beauty publication Allure, she explained how to make lipstick last longer. First, apply red lipstick, then dry it with a napkin, then apply powder on the napkin and press it to your lips. And finally, reapply your lipstick. After such manipulations, lip makeup will last much longer.

Foundation is optional

Kim Kardashian. Photo: social networks

Mario Dedivanovic, the longtime makeup artist responsible for Kim Kardashian’s signature make-up, doesn’t use foundation as much as one might think. She uses concealer instead. “Remember, if you apply the concealer under your eyes, a little in the middle of your forehead, and a little on your chin, you will already be covering half of your face. It is not necessary to apply a thick layer of foundation as a base,” says Mario. The perfect life hack for summer.

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