5 signs of a good housewife whose house is praised by all guests

“There are people who are as comfortable as if they were at home. You hug them and understand: I am at home,” said the main character of the bestselling book “If You Know” by Azerbaijani writer Elçin Safarli. When we encounter truly sincere and hospitable people, our hearts open to them. They can seemingly create a comfortable environment out of nothing. We found out what characteristics economic girls have.

neat appearance

Amy Adams in the movie “Julie and Julia: The Recipe for Happiness”

It’s no secret that a good housewife looks neat. She always has well-groomed hands, new clothes and carefully styled hair. No, she’s not dressing for a beauty pageant and trying to impress her husband or her guests. He always looks like this because he is used to discipline and order since childhood. And his house is just a reflection of his external and internal world.

no garbage

A good housewife does not suffer from Plyushkin syndrome: she throws away old and broken things without pity, leaving nothing for a rainy day. There is nothing superfluous in her apartment: no key chains, magnets, expired cosmetics, faded or torn clothes. At the same time, the guest will easily notice the little things that please the eye: an antique vase with fresh flowers, family photos in a beautiful frame, paintings, an aquarium and other interior items.

Prioritize comfort over style

You may notice that the person we are happy to be with has many comfortable things in their home. Moreover, they do not necessarily correspond to fashion trends in interior design. The walls are usually painted in simple pastel colors and the floor is made of good wood. There are no corners in the furniture. Also, there are no too fragile or expensive things nearby that could be accidentally touched and broken. At the same time, the space is adequately ventilated, the windows let in sunlight, and there is also a small green corner with beautiful plants.

financial literacy

A housewife is a mature person who knows how to distribute material expenses and “manage” the house, not someone who cooks borscht, picks up the children from school and thinks only about how to please her husband. He doesn’t try to be perfect in everything, he just distributes his own energy correctly to the most important things. At the same time, he always makes time for himself. We can say that she is a happy girl who is in harmony with herself. And those around you feel this love in everything, including the little everyday things.

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