“Problems”: why is everyone discussing the Russian game?


There have been ongoing discussions on the internet for a week about the Russian game “Smuta”, which was released at the beginning of April. What is it about and why did it attract so much attention?

The play is set in 1612 during the Time of Troubles, a period in Russian history marked by unstable internal and external situations in the country. Russian princes and Polish invaders fight for the throne, and the region is covered in crop failure and frost. The plot, by the way, is based on Mikhail Zagoskin’s novel “Yuri Miloslavsky, or the Russians in 1612”, but, according to developers and user reviews, it is more dynamic than the literary source.

Players will have to explore the lands of Muscovite Russia, complete quests and even participate in battles and watch what is happening from a third person. By default, you cannot choose the main character yourself – he is the young boyar Yuri Miloslavsky, who swore allegiance to the Polish prince Vladislav, but under pressure from his mentor joined the people’s militia in Nizhny Novgorod. So, the hero will persuade Kuzma Minin and Dmitry Pozharsky to refuse to save the country, but over time he begins to doubt the correctness of his actions and goes over to the side of the resistance.

The enemies here are Poles, robbers, “greedy people” (i.e. bribe takers), shishi (or peasant partisans) and mercenary detachments, as well as wild animals such as wolves.

In general, the “Problems” story began two years ago, when it became known that in 2022 the Internet Development Institute (IRI) will allocate 260 million rubles to the developers of Cyberia Limited for the game. During this time, the project gained fame as the “Russian Witcher”, managing to move from one launch date to another, but still came out and immediately became the main source of news in the media sphere.

Now, after time has passed, “The Troubles” is praised for its atmosphere, graphics and idea. One of the first major Russian gaming projects, “Smuta”, turned out to be a success.

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