Where can you look for delicious Lenten dishes in Moscow restaurants? 7 places with the best specialties

Orthodox Christians observe Lent, which lasts 48 days until May 5. Some of this is already behind us, but there are still enough days when believers adhere to dietary restrictions and refuse meat and dairy products.

In general, fasting weeks are one of the favorite periods of all vegetarians, vegans and just healthy people who are accustomed to experimenting with their diet throughout the year.

After all, Lenten specialties are now appearing in many restaurants.

And we found the best of them. We are talking about seven projects that will definitely appeal to everyone who decided to limit their diet during Lent this year.


Vlad Piskunov, the brand chef of the Russian cuisine restaurant “Matryoshka”, prepared a separate menu for fasting, which completely excludes salty products. It featured more than three dozen items: from pies and pickles to mushroom kundums and cabbage steaks. By the way, the latter is no worse than ribeye or striploin. Moreover, Lenten products were included not only in the main menu, but also in the breakfast menu. Therefore, be sure to book a table in the morning to try Guryev porridge with candied fruits and nuts. And you can stay there for Lenten Olivier or mushroom fries.

Address: Kutuzovsky prospect, 2/1, p. 6


If the Lenten menu can be said to be trendy, the same will certainly be true of the special at Kalabasa. They prepared olive oil hummus, diet pumpkin cream soup, spring vegetable salad and even vegan desserts. Meet the first desserts in this selection: vegan chocolate truffle and passion fruit flavored marmalade.

Address: emb. Academician Tupolev, 15, room 26

Eno Bistro

The Lenten menu at rustic Eno Bistro is a reason to take a new look at familiar dishes. If there are olives, kvass from a charcoal oven, hummus from cashews and avocados and cucumbers with fermented grape leaves and cranberries according to the author’s recipe. Halibut is served with cauliflower three ways: fresh kale slices, coconut milk puree, and steak with citrus sauce. Well, choosing vegetable dishes as the main course will please even those who do not fast. Baked potatoes with mushrooms, broccoli with black garlic sauce, cauliflower with orange sauce and hazelnuts or roasted seasonal vegetables. In general, we are going to Skolkovo.

Address: Skolkovo, Novaya street, 100, building 5

Layerz Oven

If it is very difficult for you to give up sweets during Lent or just during a period of a healthy lifestyle, the fashionable Layerz Bakery has found the best solution to this problem. The team of chefs prepared three egg- and dairy-free desserts for the guests. As a light breakfast or as a complement to coffee, they offer two types of chia pudding: coconut milk with mango confit, fresh raspberries or matcha, tangerine gel, almond paste and fresh pomelo. And if you want to indulge a little more, Layerz Bakery bakes oil-free cupcakes every day.

Address: st. Novoslobodskaya, 73, p. one

I love grilling

Let’s be honest, going to a steakhouse during Lent is almost the same as entering a lion’s cage. But that’s not the case at I Like Grill. The restaurant team has added a Lenten specialty to the menu that will attract the attention of even those who generally do not accept meatless dishes. Our favorites are minestrone with pesto sauce and roasted eggplant. Well, if we still haven’t convinced you yet, let’s reveal a secret: I Like Grill has plant-based meat dishes. For example, a salad with new potatoes and vegetable meat kebabs, or Bolognese pasta with vegetable meat and lean Parmesan.

Address: st. Lev Tolstoy, 18b


If you are one of those who consume fruits and vegetables during fasting, you are in Sapiens. The brand chief of the project, Ilya Blagoveshchensky, prepared a special menu that mainly includes these products. There are also vegetable rolls with avocado without rice or wild rice, tomato and mango, and zucchini carpaccio. Even familiar vegetables such as cauliflower and broccoli gain a new flavor by grilling them with pumpkin seeds and hazelnut mousse.

Address: st. Lev Tolstoy, 16

Sartoria Lamberti and Lumicino

Let’s be honest, for Italians who preach the cult of food, Orthodox fasting is still a mystery. After all, how can you voluntarily give up lasagna, bolognese and other meaty dishes? However, Orthodox traditions are respected in Russia, so William Lamberti’s restaurants Sartoria Lamberti and Lumicino have introduced a special menu for the Lent period. There are vegetable salads, various types of lean pasta and pizza, and even mushroom fries.

Addresses: Sartoria LambertiTverskaya, 3; LumicinoBolshaya Nikitskaya, 58

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