7 exciting movies and TV series about hotels that will make you cancel your holiday

We understand everyone whose holidays will not come soon, but their strength is already at the limit. TV series and movies about happy holidays on the Cote d’Azur can make you depressed. Therefore, especially for the real hard workers, we have prepared a selection of films with an exciting plot, after which you will not want to go on vacation for a long time.

“white lotus”

“White Lotus” is the name of a luxury hotel that gathers the rich under its roof. Guests find themselves witnessing a crime – a murder occurs at the resort, so viewers are asked to find out about the events that took place a week before day X. murder, you can easily forget while watching. “White Lotus” is a satire on the world of the rich, where there is no place for compassion and everyone around them desires only pleasure.

Every season is a week in the life of this hotel. The first season takes place on the islands and the second in Italy. It is assumed that the third one will be shot in Thailand, but it will be released in 2025.

“Room 207”

An atmospheric horror series set in 1968. The hotel’s new employee, Jamal, turns out to be very nosy and decides to make sure that the rumors about cursed room 207 are true, but they hide from the new arrival what happened to the previous receptionist. Everyone who passes the threshold of the room witnesses terrible events that they can no longer forget. Thus, Jamal falls into the abyss of dark secrets and supernatural events. Now he must solve the hotel’s terrible mystery and uncover the fate of the missing receptionist.

“Hotel Mumbai: Confrontation”

The film, starring Armie Hammer and Dev Patel, is based on true events that tell the story of the terrorist attack on the Taj Mahal, one of Mumbai’s most luxurious hotels, in 2008. Terrified people flock to a luxury hotel where VIP guests are serviced by India’s best hotel staff. Selfless employees are trying to help people and resist the terrorists who have surrounded the building.


“The Shining” is a film adaptation directed by Stanley Kubrick, based on Stephen King’s cult novel. Failed writer Jack Torrance gets a job as a winter porter at a hotel that is closed due to low season. He plans to spend five months there with his family, working on a new book. Years ago, another hotel clerk went crazy there and killed his family. Jack is told about this, but he pays no attention to it. Jack’s son Danny, a telepath who can see the past and the future, believes that room 237 at the hotel should be taken into consideration. However, his father does not listen to his arguments, believing that Danny is just acting and making up all these visions. . But soon everyone realizes that something really bad is happening here; Something that caused the old gamekeeper to kill his entire family and has now possessed Jack Torrance.

“The Grand Budapest Hotel”

Wes Anderson’s film is a retrospective tale of Monsieur Gustav, the noble doorman whom a young writer learns from the owner of an abandoned hotel. Years later, he tells it again – this time to the audience. Doorman Gustav and his friend, receptionist Zero Mustafa, become involved in the theft of a priceless painting, the struggle for a wealthy family’s fortune, and even political changes in 20th century Europe. And what a beautiful picture!


Unfortunately, Roman Polanski’s comedy was called the director’s worst film upon its release in Venice. This is the story of a luxury hotel in Switzerland and its wealthy guests gathering in the Alps on New Year’s Eve (events unfold on the night from December 31, 1999 to January 1, 2000). Alexander Petrov also starred in the film.

“Nothing good at El Royale Hotel”

A crime thriller starring Chris Hemsworth, Dakota Johnson, Jon Hamm and more. The events take place in 1969 in a hotel on the border of Nevada and California. A hostile priest, singer Darlene, an energetic vacuum cleaner salesman, and a skeptical girl from the South are gathered together. A young doorman spends the night with them at the hotel. Each of them has something to hide.

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