Accused by 17 women, the “Tinder rapist” will go on trial starting Monday

The “Tinder rapist” is accused of raping thirteen women and sexually assaulting four others in 2015 and 2016 during photo shoots. He denies almost all the facts.

His profile photo with the qualification has been circulating on social media for years.” Tinder rapist “. From this Monday, March 18, Salim Berrada whose real name is on trial before the departmental criminal court of Paris.

Seventeen women accuse him of sexual violence: thirteen of rape, in 2015 and 2016, and another four of sexual violence. The one who presented himself as a I photograph looking for models he met his alleged victims on online dating applications or social networks, as reported in this article World.

A procedure

According to investigators, the alleged attacker has a modus operandi, since there are similarities between the 17 testimonies. Starting from a “form of industrialization” of the process implemented, with a “Specifications precisely described in several Excel files” according to the terms of the investigators reported by theFrench media agency : same catchphrases, compliments and solicitations from potential models, taking advantage of his notoriety as a photographer.

Salim Berrada first contacted them on social networks, and in particular through a dating site dedicated to modeling. These women he told were “unique” he arrived at her house for a photo shoot and offered them alcohol. They all then describe abnormal and rapid drunkenness and a loss of strength. A probable “chemical submission” according to investigators, since traces of drugs or antihistamines were found in several complainants.

The complainants then describe a sudden change in sexual behavior and relationships not consenting. Then an attitude of indifference or minimization of what had just happened. However, he refused to send photos of the shooting.

Salim Berrada disputes most of the facts

Placed in pre-trial detention in 2016, Salim Berrada remained two and a half years in prison before being released under judicial supervision in 2019, banned from working as a photographer. But returning to social media, he was then targeted by new complaints. He was again indicted for rape and sexual assault. As the investigation is still ongoing, he returned to prison last July.

The 38-year-old man denies everything, admitting only that he practiced his profession as a photographer “pretext” to attract women to his house and satisfy a “sex addiction”.

According to him, none of the women said no “to something he continued to do”he argued during the investigation, estimating that those who had filed complaints had done so “sorry” in hindsight, or had “concerted” among themselves to achieve it.

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