80 best quotes from cult Soviet films

We love Soviet films and know them almost by heart and still use popular expressions from them. We have collected all the legendary quotes of Soviet cinema in our selection.

A frame from the movie “Moscow Doesn’t Believe in Tears”
  1. So in my job – no, no! “Aphonia”
  2. – Who is there?
    – Pope! “Aphonia”
  3. Any questions? No question. Behind me! “White Sun of the Desert”
  4. – I don’t drink.
    – Right. I’ll finish this now… and leave it at that. To drink! “White Sun of the Desert”
  5. Freedom for Yuri Detochkin! “Watch out for the car”
  6. Senya, about rabbits – this is not relevant! “Diamond Arm”
  7. Rousseau tourist – the face of morality… Fershtein?.. “Diamond Arm”
  8. Take care of your hand, Senya, take care of it! “Diamond Arm”
  9. As our dear chief said, if a person is stupid, this situation will continue for a long time. “Diamond Arm”
  10. No, I’m not a coward. But I’m afraid. “Diamond Arm”
  11. Semyon Semyonitch! “Diamond Arm”
  12. I don’t know what it’s like in London, I haven’t been there. Maybe a dog is man’s best friend! And our house manager is a man’s friend! “Diamond Arm”
  13. With a slight hand movement, the trousers turn… the trousers turn… the trousers… turn into elegant shorts! “Diamond Arm”
  14. Our people do not take taxis to the bakery! “Diamond Arm”
  15. It’s not my fault; he came! “Diamond Arm”
  16. No harp – take tambourine! “Only old men go to war”
  17. Makarych, take the device! Wow, he waved without looking. “Only old men go to war”
  18. Shakespeare says in sonnet 19: Go, Vasya! “Only old men go to war”
  19. They don’t know how to fly, they don’t know how to shoot either. But – eagles! “Only old men go to war”
  20. Everything is temporary, but music is eternal. “Only old men go to war”
  21. The meeting continues! Gentlemen of the jury, the ice is broken! “12 chairs”
  22. Hit or miss. I choose the gentleman even though he is clearly Polish. “12 chairs”
  23. I always got an A for cabbage soup… “Girls”
  24. I used to think about how people kiss. After all, their noses are supposed to be an obstacle, but now I see that their noses are not an obstacle. “Girls”
  25. He stole, drank, went to jail! Romantic! “Lucky Gentlemen”
  26. I will tear your mouth, I will get out of here, I will break the horns, I will take out the blinders, the radishes, the sausages, the Hamburg rooster, Nebuchadnezzar! “Lucky Gentlemen”
  27. All! There will be no relatives. The electricity is out. “Lucky Gentlemen”
  28. And Syromyatnikov writes this! He stole someone else’s happiness! “We will live until Monday”
  29. Happiness is when you are understood. “We will live until Monday”
  30. I tell them: “Don’t put books on your desk!” And they keep reaching and reaching! “We will live until Monday”
  31. I’ll kiss you… Later… If you want. “Hello, I am your aunt”
  32. A car is not a luxury, it is a means of transportation. “golden calf”
  33. Here I am a millionaire! A fool’s dreams come true! “golden calf”
  34. I’ll lead the parade! “golden calf”
  35. Hello, Galochka? You will die now! “Ivan Vasilyevich changes his profession”
  36. Leave me alone old lady, I’m sorry. “Ivan Vasilyevich changes his profession”
  37. I was the one who entered successfully! “Ivan Vasilyevich changes his profession”
  38. I am an artist of large and small academic theaters! And my last name, my last name is too famous for me to name it. “Ivan Vasilyevich changes his profession”
  39. And you will get better, you too will get better… and I will get better “Ivan Vasilyevich changes his profession”
  40. God, how boring we live! The spirit of adventurism is lost within us! We stopped climbing into the windows of our beloved women… “The Irony of Fate”
  41. What a disgusting thing that jelly fish of yours is! “Irony of Fate”
  42. Ah, it’s getting warmer! “Irony of Fate”
  43. We must drink less!.. We must drink less!.. We must drink less! “Irony of Fate”
  44. Curse the day I sat behind the wheel of this vacuum cleaner! “Prisoner of the Caucasus”
  45. I felt sorry for the bird! “Prisoner of the Caucasus”
  46. This is a student, a Komsomol member, an athlete and, finally, simply beautiful! “Prisoner of the Caucasus”
  47. In short, Sklikhasovsky! “Prisoner of the Caucasus”
  48. – Life, as they say, is beautiful!
    – A good life is even better! “Prisoner of the Caucasus”
  49. You are an eccentric, Kolya. I start with the letter I. “Red snowball”
  50. Wear a great “Courier” and dream
  51. – What did we do?
    – Maybe we can kiss? “Messenger”
  52. So why is it painted? This is my natural color! “Love and doves”
  53. This exercise is called: back and forth, back and forth, shooting with your eyes. And when a little finger… uh… a man approaches you, I will silently command you: shoot! “Love and doves”
  54. I am sad. What stopped you from hiding the money? “Love and doves”
  55. – Lyudk, oh Lyudk! You took the money, right? “Love and doves”
  56. -What is love like?
    – What love! “Love and doves”
  57. Not everyone knows how to be rude. You need to have talent here! “Queen of the Gas Station”
  58. Thank you, I will stop walking “Mimino”
  59. Hello, I want Larisa Ivanovna. “Mimino”
  60. I’ll tell you something clever, but don’t be offended. “Mimino”
  61. Oh, what people! And without security. “Moscow does not believe in tears”
  62. Don’t teach me how to live, you’d better help me financially! “Moscow does not believe in tears”
  63. Sometimes you hear nonsense like this, but it turns out to be a point of view. “Moscow does not believe in tears”
  64. Everything was so wonderful: I’m marrying Nikolai, this one is marrying that one, and so on. “I can’t be”
  65. I see that he is already lying in my bed alone, getting used to it. “I can’t be”
  66. If I get up, you can sleep with me. “Operation Y and other adventures of Shurik”
  67. Well, citizens are alcoholics, hooligans, parasites… Who wants to work today? A?! “Operation Y and other adventures of Shurik”
  68. – Listen, have you ever had an accident on a construction site?
    – No, it hasn’t happened yet…
    – They will! Pshli… “Operation Y and other adventures of Shurik”
  69. Mulya, don’t make me angry! “founding”
  70. They swim very well… That group in striped swimsuits. “Striped Flight”
  71. By cotton and label! “The most charming and attractive”
  72. Some people keep getting married and counting! “The most charming and attractive”
  73. My heart feels that we are on the eve of a great rush. “Wedding in Malinovka”
  74. – Ferstein?
    – But of course. “Wedding in Malinovka”
  75. – Why are you always fidgeting? What kind of person are you? I can’t figure you out!
    – Don’t bite me! Why should we bite? “Love at work”
  76. You’re lying again, Comrade Novoseltsev! “Love at work”
  77. I have such an impeccable reputation that it’s time to put it on the line. “Love at work”
  78. If a woman wants something, you should give it to her. Otherwise he will take it himself. “The Man on the Boulevard des Capucines”
  79. Stirlitz, I’ll ask you to stay! “17 moments of spring”
  80. -You look bad.
    – It’s a good thing I’m still alive. “17 moments of spring”

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