Under which zodiac signs are managers most often born?

It’s easy to see that astrology is especially on our editors’ minds.

And before the presidential elections of the Russian Federation, which will be held from March 15 to 17, we considered which zodiac sign is more suitable for leadership positions. Or are you ruling an entire country?

Therefore, together with the astrologer and numerologist Katarina Shorokhova, we decided to delve into the history of Russia and find out under which sign the rulers are most often born.

Katarina Shorokhova, astrologer

(April 21 – May 21)

Perhaps there were the most rulers under this sign in the history of Russia. Here are Alexander Nevsky, Catherine II, Alexander II, Nicholas II and Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. Taurus is stable, practical, strives for material security and at the same time is very stubborn, sometimes even stubborn. How did this affect the governing style of politicians? Alexander Nevsky won two landmark battles and strengthened relations between Northeastern Russia and the Novgorod Region.

The era of Catherine II is characterized by the enslavement of the peasants (perhaps here the Taurus desire for comfort manifested itself in a negative way), nepotism (this may be due to some extent to the Taurus desire for security in the form of creating a loyal environment). around itself). Among the positive aspects of the reign of Catherine II, the Crimean Peninsula and the Northern Black Sea region were annexed as a result of victories in two Russian-Turkish wars.

Alexander II was a rather kind person, which is quite typical for Taurus. But the so-called great reforms he carried out, including the abolition of serfdom, are rather the influence of the freedom-loving Moon in Aquarius and the generous Mars in Cancer.

The reign of Nicholas II ended in tragedy. Astrologically, the opposition of the Sun and Saturn in the emperor’s natal chart, as well as Mercury and Saturn, played a role here, which led to unreasonable and excessive conservatism in his activities. A stellium (cluster) of planets in Aries, including the important personal planets Moon and Mars, especially given the negative aspect of Venus in Cancer, II. It gave Nicholas overconfidence; this deprived the ruler of the ability to evaluate rationally. his movements.

Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, himself a Taurus, created great changes in the country and the world. What aspects of his birth chart influenced him so much? The reformist Moon in Aquarius and the conjunction of Neptune and Mars in Aries played a role here, enabling Lenin to move from plans to action. The Mercury Pluto conjunction in Taurus encouraged him to become the voice of the working class and achieve political success, including his oratory skills. Retrograde Saturn in Sagittarius contributed to forced relocations and emigration, but Uranus is in Cancer together with the North Node, that is, Lenin’s main karmic task is radical changes at home on the scale of his personality, spreading throughout his country. Here we see how different rulers the representatives of the Taurus sign were in Russian history.

(September 23 – October 22)

Representatives of this sign in history were important figures – Ivan Danilovich Kalita and Dmitry Ivanovich Donskoy. During her reign, Kalita managed to strengthen Moscow; skillfully negotiated with the Horde in his own interests, to eliminate rivals from neighboring principalities. Strong diplomatic skills are one of the most important characteristics of Libra. As for Dmitry Donskoy, he demonstrated his ability to negotiate and began the process of collecting Russian lands around Moscow. The victory in the Battle of Kulikovo became a turning point for the liberation of Russia from the Tatar-Mongol yoke, and here Donskoy’s careful preparation for the battle helped a lot: he learned everything about the enemy army and gathered a large army of allies. This is how Libra’s strategic thinking manifested itself.

The current President of Russia, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, is also a representative of the sign. The conjunction of the Sun with Saturn in Libra in the natal chart encourages a political career. This aspect in life can also help bring the president together with the right people in order to better reveal the individual’s talents and, as a result, advance his career (the Sun rules the 10th house, which is responsible for the career field). Mercury in the 12th house can also make soft but persuasive speeches in Libra, and the 12th house person is very difficult to read, so the image becomes more mysterious. Jupiter in Taurus in the 7th house also gives you the opportunity to establish good communication skills, partnerships, and thus strengthen your authority. So all Libra rulers are united by diplomacy and kindness in their contacts.

(December 23 – January 20)

And the last sign of the rulers that I would like to highlight is Capricorn. Representatives of the sign Elizaveta Petrovna and Alexander I noted significant achievements in the history of Russia. What unites these managers? First of all, an assertive foreign policy, and this corresponds to one of the main characteristics of Capricorn – it is important for them to achieve success in the affairs they undertake. Here we can note Russia’s brilliant victories in wars (Russian-Swedish under Elizaveta Petrovna and the Patriotic War under Alexander I). In addition, important international agreements were reached under the rule of these political figures: the Russian-Austrian Treaty of Union of 1746 under Elizabeth Petrovna and the establishment of the Holy Alliance with Prussia and Austria in 1815 under Alexander I.

However, we should not forget that a person’s character is affected not only by the Sun sign but also by other aspects of the natal chart. For example, Elizaveta Petrovna’s luxurious palace life does not match well with Capricorn’s distant, cold character. But in her chart there is also a loving and open Moon in Sagittarius and a creative Venus in Aquarius with the ascendant in Gemini, so Elizaveta Petrovna probably seemed frivolous to some of her contemporaries.

As for Alexander I, his diplomacy and success in negotiations could be facilitated by the peace-loving Moon in Libra, and his military successes could be facilitated by Mars standing close to the ascendant in Aquarius.

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