What words show that you have become worthless?

Most of us have received backhanded compliments and unsolicited advice from time to time. They seem harmless at first glance, but the unpleasant feeling in our stomach forces us to avoid being with such a person. But in reality, a person is trying to sow doubts in our soul and affect our self-esteem under the pretext of disinterest and indifference. Here are a few phrases that reveal a jealous and aggressive person.

Scarlett Johansson and Natalie Portman in the movie “The Other Boleyn Girl”

You look great! did you wear makeup today?

And you are smart. A rare situation for a girl

For a humanist, you have excellent logic.

You are already weak. Where should you lose weight?

It’s easy for you to say, you…

If I were you, I wouldn’t dare to wear such a dress.

Come on, keep it simple

You were so funny as a kid. Better now

She has aged very beautifully

You have an unusual smile/appearance

You have a very unusual laugh/voice

I never thought you’d have children

It’s so easy with you. You’re just like a man wearing a skirt

It’s great that you’re not obsessed with being thin.

Source: People Talk

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