Antique books by Russian authors are being stolen en masse from German libraries

An unusual trend suddenly appeared in Germany: copies of rare books by Russian authors began to be stolen en masse from the country’s libraries. Bild writes about this.

A scene from the movie Pride and Prejudice

By the way, in January alone, five rare volumes disappeared from state libraries, three of them by AS Pushkin: “The Robber Brothers” in 1827, “Boris Godunov” in 1831 and “The Prisoner of the Caucasus” in 1828.

By the way, the cost of these books is very high. According to some reports, prices reach 100 thousand euros (9.9 million rubles – Note ed.). Bild reported that writer Diana Kassal wrote that the attackers were carrying out special operations using fake passports. Thus, the scammers pose as researchers of 19th-century Russian literature who must scan every page of the book. After that, they create copies that they return instead of the originals.

Source: People Talk

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