Bad omen: What you should never give your loved ones on February 14

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February 14 is the most romantic holiday and the day when the word “very” does not exist. The more colors the better. The more luxurious the restaurant, the more pleasant it is to be in it. The larger the size of the gemstone, the more pronounced the joy of the buyer. Of course, it’s not just size that matters. We recently compiled a selection of ideal gifts for Valentine’s Day.

But things may not be that simple with them. If you believe the signs, some wardrobe items, accessories and even household items can bring misfortune and lead to separation.

If you are as superstitious as half the The Fashion Vibes editorial team (by the way, we even have a quiz on this topic), this material is a must-read for you. We tell you what you should never give to your loved ones on Valentine’s Day.

What can’t you give a man?


Jeremy Allen White in Calvin Klein ad campaign

We all know the win-win trio for men on February 23: socks, underpants and shaving cream. However, when it comes to Valentine’s Day, such a set needs to be abandoned. Superstition says that giving underwear as a gift can cause betrayal on her part.


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I’m sure you’ve heard this expression more than once: “Happy people don’t look at the clock.” In this case, we advise you to take it literally. It is not customary to give watches to loved ones, as this can lead to separation. Of course, Rolex and Cartier don’t count. It is impossible to refuse such a gift.


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Jewelry is a valuable gift for any occasion. But there are a few nuances when it comes to Valentine’s Day. Superstition says that the chain given on February 14 can have a bad impact on relationships. It is believed that they can be “teared” just like the decoration itself.


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Even if your boyfriend collects knives and other sharp objects, you shouldn’t give them as Valentine’s Day gifts. If you believe the signs, a knife can bring tears and quarrels. By the way, the same goes for forks and scarves.


Dries Van Noten Fall 2024

Comfortable knitwear is a big trend this season. This is confirmed by images of influencers in the grandpa core style. However, you should not give your man scarves, hats, sweaters and other knitted items on February 14. It is believed that these wardrobe items can push him to cheat, or even the relationship may face a crisis.


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A towel, even the most beautiful one, should also be excluded from the gift list. The sign says this can cause serious illness. However, there is an exception in the case of towels. This product can be given as a gift if your initials are engraved on it.

What should not be given to a girl?

Flowers with an even number of petals

Jean Paul Gaultier Couture Spring 2024

Everyone has heard that you cannot give bouquets with an even number of flowers. But did you know that you cannot buy double-petaled flowers on February 14? After all, if you believe the next sign, this will lead to early loneliness. True, you have to spend a lot of time to calculate all this. But love requires sacrifice, right?


Kimhekim Autumn 2023

All girls at least once in their lives wanted to be in the shoes of the main character of the movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” in her iconic black Givenchy dress with a pearl necklace. And pearls in general have become popular again recently. Worn by famous it-girls, fashion bloggers and avid fashionistas. However, you should not give pearl jewelry to your loved one on Valentine’s Day. Superstition says that pearls are the harbingers of tears.


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Mirrors are among the gifts that can bring trouble and failure to the house. And it should not be given to an unmarried girl at all, because it is believed that mirrors deprive her of attractiveness and doom her to loneliness.


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Even if a girl dreams of a Tangle Teezer, you should not give her a comb on Valentine’s Day. Firstly, it is a little strange, and secondly, if you believe the signs, such a gift will reveal many secrets of its owner.

decorative candles

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Since ancient times, candles have been considered the most powerful energy objects that should not be underestimated. Candles are believed to symbolize the end of a relationship or are associated with grief and sadness. Therefore, it is better to buy even the most fashionable candles for no reason and not give them as a gift on a holiday.

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