Where to look for delicious shawarma in Moscow

Yet shawarma is the most underrated dish. Otherwise, we cannot explain why there are so many stereotypes about this street food (perhaps the most popular on the streets). In this material we decided to dispel all the myths and tell you where to look for delicious shawarma in Moscow.

800°C Contemporary Steak

The selection opens with shawarma at 800°C at Genrikh Lapin’s steakhouse. As befits the venue, the Patriarch’s Pond, the food here is served with gold leaf. Yes, we were not wrong. Gold leaf is edible and absolutely safe for the body.

You can take spicy or classic shawarma in this design. Meanwhile, the wide variety of meats is particularly impressive. There are also impressive sections, so the rather high price is quite justified.

How much does it cost: from 1,550 rubles.

Address: Bolshoi Patriarshiy Street, 6/1


We came across different shawarmas: with chicken and beef, with vegetables and even fruit. But fish shawarma won our hearts. Especially the cod shawarma from Bshush. And all this on crusty bread with fresh vegetables and salty lemon tartar sauce. Well, who can now argue with the fact that shawarma can be PP?

How much does it cost: 750 rubles.

Address: 3rd street. Yamskogo Polya, 2, building. 3


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If you suddenly find yourself in search of delicious shawarma in the “Warehouse” on Lesnaya Street, do not miss the opportunity to try it in “KrabakhKutaby”. As the name suggests, the main ingredient here is crab. Moreover, they do not spare any time for dishes. Especially for shawarma. It is offered in two forms on the menu – regular lavash and lavash made from spirulina (read: algae).

How much does it cost: 1,200 rubles.

Address: st. Lesnaya, 20, p. 4


If you don’t want to tire your mind and have to worry about finding shawarma all over the city, always rely on restaurants serving Middle Eastern cuisine. You can definitely find this dish there and in several variations at once. For example, in “Nomads” there is a whole section in the menu of shawarma, so there are options with all kinds of fillings – from cheese to seafood and hummus.

How much does it cost: from 550 rubles.

Address: st. Sretenka, 5, building. one

gastronomic street street

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StrEAT is a gastronomic area located near Avtozavodskaya metro station. There are 37 restaurant concepts under one roof, including shawarma corners. Our favorite is Dip With Me, where we found Arabic-style shawarma. By the way, if you don’t know, shawarma is originally an Arab dish. Moreover, each eastern country has its own unique recipe.

How much does it cost: 449 rub.

Address: st. Leninskaya Sloboda, 26, building A

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