How to go on a gastronomic trip without leaving home?

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Every traveler has two ways to explore a new country: immerse yourself in exploring architectural monuments and museums or discover the local cuisine. The majority prefer the second route because food is a universal research tool, with no language barriers or restrictions. It can also tell you a lot about the local culture. Thanks to delivery from SberMarket, you can skip the first step and start exploring the cuisine of other countries without leaving your cozy apartment. While you’re looking for what to order for dinner, we’ve compiled a selection of the most interesting dishes and told the story of their origins.

Poke was invented in Hawaii in the mid-70s of the twentieth century. Initially, this was a light snack for fishermen, prepared from simple and affordable ingredients: rice, sauce and fish. Over time, the dish has become so popular that varieties can now be tasted almost everywhere. Or order poke with free delivery from SberMarket; We in the editorial office prefer to buy them from “Poke Mania” and “Eat Up on Salmon”.

Despite the simplicity of ingredients and cooking techniques, Asian cuisine never ceases to surprise. Even if you are not a big fan of this cuisine, we recommend taking a closer look at Vietnamese Kom Rang Ga. The recipe traditionally uses rice, chicken and sweet sauce, but some regions also offer options that include tofu or seafood. So remember the name, or even better, order Kom Rang Ga in one of the restaurants and SberMarket will deliver the dish immediately.

You might think that black spaghetti was invented fairly recently, but this is not so. It turns out that they were incredibly popular in Sicily more than a thousand years ago; squid ink gave the pasta its unusual color. For a while, the recipe was forgotten, and a black spaghetti renaissance occurred in the twentieth century following the mass immigration of Italians to the United States. You can try it with fish or seafood by ordering from SberMarket.

In medieval Europe, tenderloin was considered a delicacy and was only served to high-ranking individuals and royalty. Now the dish is available in almost all restaurants specializing in French cuisine – beef cheeks perfectly complement certain types of French wine. By the way, dishes in the SberMarket application are divided into appropriate categories according to cuisine. Therefore, if you want something in Asian or Georgian style, but have not yet decided on the details, choose a direction; SberMarket will offer special options from restaurants.

And finally the burger. The history of the dish dates back to Germany, when a certain German merchant, while traveling in Asia, noticed that nomadic Tatars were hiding meat under the saddles of horses. This was done to tenderize the steak. He remembered the technology and brought it to Hamburg, where Otto Kuase later invented the first burger patty. Presumably, many immigrants to America ate it flattened on both sides with pieces of bread. Over time, the classic recipe gained new ingredients that make the traditional dish unique. At SberMarket you can order the special Anton Newton burger created by the delivery service together with FARSh. Marbled veal cutlet, grilled green apple, bacon, Camembert cheese and fruit sauce – it’s hard to resist.

Studying the cuisine of different countries without leaving your cozy apartment is the best solution for the cold season. With SberMarket you can travel every day from Russia to France, Italy, Japan, Georgia, try traditional recipes or experiment with non-standard ingredients. Couriers will deliver your order to your desired location quickly and free of charge.

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