Epiphany 2024: signs and superstitions on this holiday

Epiphany is a church holiday celebrated on January 19. Like other celebrations, Epiphany has its own signs and superstitions. We decided to prepare thoroughly for this holiday and prepared a list of places to visit.

I can’t do housework

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Yeah yeah! All household chores are prohibited on this day. Leave all cleaning, construction, crafts and repair work for tomorrow. The baptism should be spent with your godparents and take a break from everyday worries.

you can’t fight

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It is believed that in no case should you argue or swear when pouring holy water. Water may lose its properties due to bad thoughts.

Cannot be washed

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Avoid washing items on January 19. It is believed that this way you pollute the water.

you can’t cry

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Superstition says that if you cry on this holiday, you will spend the whole year in tears. And if a girl cries during fortune telling, she will face a separation this year.

You can not guess

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Epiphany is an Orthodox holiday, so making predictions on this day is strictly prohibited. Because according to religious canons, fortune telling is a terrible sin. But if you still want to find out the name of the future groom, many recommend doing this before swimming in the ice hole.

You can’t take out the garbage

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Superstition says that if you take out the garbage on this day, you may lose family happiness.

you can’t drink alcohol

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If you plan to dive into an ice pit, we do not recommend drinking water beforehand. First, this will not help you stay warm, and second, it conflicts with all religious rituals. You should also not smoke on this day.

You can’t be greedy

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Being greedy is strictly prohibited. On Epiphany you need to give alms and help people in difficult situations. If you do good on this day, it will surely come back to you.

It is necessary to take communion

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The clergy say that before diving into the ice hole, you need to take communion and confess. Because this ritual will only be beneficial if your soul and thoughts are pure.

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