Fortune telling for Epiphany 2024

The Christian holiday of Epiphany is celebrated on January 19. Therefore, you need to guess the night of January 19. It is believed that during this period it is impossible to find out your fate. Tonight we are talking about the best fortune telling you can make at home.

Sugar. Ring. Salt.

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For this fortune telling, you need to take three glasses of water: pour sugar into one, salt into another, and put a ring in the third. You have to stand with your back to them, switch them and choose one of them. Do this three times. As a result, for example, sugar, salt, salt or a ring, sugar, salt, etc. You will get a combination like this. They are repeatable. This sequence will be your prediction for this year. Let’s decipher: salt is sadness, sugar is joy, ring is relationships. No matter what order they fall in, everything will be this way.

Fortune telling for marriage on a ring

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To find out how long it will take for you to get married, you need to buy a ring that is as simple as possible, preferably similar to a wedding or engagement ring. Next, you hang it on a string (just thread it through), grab a glass of water, and hold the loop over it until it swings and hits the walls of the glass. No matter how much he hits, you will get married after all these years.

Fortune telling for grooms

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To find out whether Nikita is waiting for you on the horizon of your love life (forgive me), you need to tell fortunes to the suitors. On a piece of paper, you write the maximum number of male names, whether you know them or not – it does not matter. You cut them, roll them, put them in your socks and under your pillow at night. In the morning you take out three pieces of paper and the names of these men will mean something in your life: either your boyfriends or your future husband.

Fortune telling for the future husband

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Everything is as simple as possible here: Until January 19, when it gets dark, you go out into the street and ask the first man you come across what his name is. This is what your future husband will be called. Girls, we are crawling outside despite the frost.


A frame from the cartoon “The Princess and the Frog”

There are two options for such fortune telling. The most popular: put a comb under your pillow at night and say: “Mummer, come to me, comb me.” After this you should dream about the groom. The second option involves a glass of salt water. Before going to bed, you should drink it and say: “Mummer, come to me, give me something to drink.” Voila, your dreams will be your destiny.

Yes or no

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You can learn the answers to all questions using needle. To do this, you need to thread it, hang it and hold it over your hand. Ask your questions and if the subject moves vertically it means “yes” and if it moves horizontally it means “no”.

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