5 modern books about self-love worth reading

The trend towards motivational and psychological literature has moved smoothly from last year to this one. And with it the question arises: “What to read?” Let’s talk!

“Have compassion for yourself”, Olga Primachenko

A bestselling psychological book on how to learn to love, appreciate and take care of both yourself and those around you, as well as learn to accept your emotions, desires and body, set priorities and boundaries, and learn to interact with the world in an environmentally friendly way. By the way, at the end of the book you will find a 31-day practice with detailed instructions and tasks to consolidate the theoretical material, and in addition to it, you can also get the workbook “At the Still Point”, consisting of 55 exercises. Getting to know yourself, finding resources and inspiration.

Quote from the book: “It is incredibly tiring to think for others, to feel for others, to predict their reactions. And that’s pointless: living someone else’s life instead of doing something nice with your own.”

Self-Compassion by Kristin Neff

Written by a doctor of psychological sciences and professor of psychology at the University of Texas, it’s a book about how to fix destructive emotional patterns to become healthier, happier, and more effective, as well as why it’s important to love yourself, not just love yourself. Have self-compassion and support yourself like you would support a good friend.

Quote from the book: “This obsessive preoccupation with oneself and everything related to it has nothing to do with self-love… Self-love teaches the resilience, compassion, and inner harmony that come naturally to life.”

Alina Adler “Are you okay?”

A book written by a psychologist who works on the most common problems for which people turn to experts: uncertainty, inability to let go of the past, inability to gather strength, jealousy, guilt, jealousy, despair, regret about missed opportunities, the need for love, anger at the whole world, the pain of loss. Serious questions and advice on how to correctly recognize and overcome this or that negative situation, find harmony and joy in life, through the prism of stories based on real cases.

Quote from the book: “Everything we do for others, we do primarily to meet our own psychological needs. Most of the time – unconscious.”

“Loving Imperfection: Accepting Yourself and Others with All Their Flaws” – Gemin Sumin

An international bestseller about loving your own imperfections, based on a simple idea: “Be kind to yourself first, then to others.” Just like on airplanes, you should put the oxygen mask on yourself first and then help others.

Quote from the book: “We are tired not so much of the conditions we find ourselves in, but of the energy we expend to resist those conditions. After completing a task, we are often surprised to find that it was not as difficult as we thought. But by resisting, we fall into an endless cycle of negative thoughts, and as a result, we feel exhausted and worn out.”

“All roads lead to yourself.” Yulia Pirumova

A step-by-step plan for reviewing your life, taking into account the characteristics and challenges of various age periods, from 0 to 20, 20 to 30, 30 to 40, and further down the list. How to transform traumas such as betrayal, betrayal, serious illness, death of parents, divorce and others into internal support and values?

Quote from the book: “Unless we use some resources for this, we cannot gain experience, we cannot know who we are and what we can do. Especially time and mental strength. This is exactly why we were given our youth. I call it Little Red Riding Hood time. He was born in a loving family, among women who admired him. But still, it was the mother who sent her beloved daughter from home to the dark forest where there were wolves.”

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